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DJ Tina T @ The Marquee - The Library Room - Las Vegas

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First off, before anything can be discussed, a HUGE THANK YOU to DJ Tina T for hooking up! DJ Tina T is a fellow Washington State University Alumni who happens to spin at one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, if not the world, The Marquee in the Cosmopolitan. was granted exclusive access to the Library VIP room at the top of Marquee to cover DJ Tina T's set for some of the biggest bosses in Vegas.

[caption id="attachment_5269" align="aligncenter" width="600"] VIP Library Room At The Marquee[/caption]

DJ Tina has the uncanny ability to blend literally every type of music together into one continuous party.  When your kickin' it before the night begins and you need something to throw on that will get everyone taking shots and shotgunning beers, you play a Tina T mix. When your crusin' down the freeway with the windows down and the sun on your face, you know a Tina T mix is going to be perfect. When its 2 AM and people need a second wind, Tina T will get you juiced.  She takes the elements of house music that keeps people moving and throws it over songs that is familiar so people don't have to think to hard. Don't worry, DJ Tina T's got you.  Tequila shots in the Library to a banger I haven't heard since high school blended seamlessly into Rattle in Paris defines my Vegas experince with Tina T. Her ability to mix old school and new school tracks into this new form of neo-electronic dance music (yes, I just made up a new genre) kept everyone on their toes the whole night, we never knew what was coming next, and that's the way a good set should be! There was never a bad song played, and we loved every minute of it.  That level of trust and respect is what makes Tina the # 1 Female DJ in Las Vegas.  And That's a FACT.

From all of us here at, THANK YOU  DJ Tina T and her crew for an amazing night.

Being a world-class DJ isn't enough for DJ Tina T, she also is the founder of the the dopest summer camp ever created.  Her brainchild, Camp Spinoff,  is where DJ’s go to play. If you’re an aspiring DJ between the ages of 13 and 17, this is where you can turn your curiosities and dreams of learning to DJ into reality during an action packed week at summer camp! Where were these camps when we were kids! I would have killed to have the opportunity to spend my summers doing something this cool.

"Forget Band camp: DJ camp is coming, and it sounds like the sort of summer experience parents would want to crash.” – Vegas Seven Magazine 

Check out the video below to a better idea of what really goes on at Camp Spinoff.

[youtube id="4uJUa5HL_IU" width="620" height="360"]