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EDC New York Recap n' Review

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EDC, one of the most sought-after traveling parties came to The Big Apple this past weekend, and the 7 train from Grand Central Terminal to Citi Field was noticeably more neon than usual (let's remember, Citi is home to the Mets...). After reading the New York Times review, "A Parking Lot With a Beat," I felt like I had to reclaim the event for what it was - and wasn't - for the true ravers among us.

To be honest, I wasn't exactly sure how EDC NY would play out. Electric Daisy Carnival New York was set for Friday and Saturday, and I had to keep the faith that this would not translate to hoards of summer-bound baby ravers overtaking the grounds on Friday and the rest of the gainfully-employed ticket holders squeezing in to occupy any leftover breathing room on Saturday. Nothing can put me out of PLUR mode and into ISAB (I'll Shove A B****) mode faster than a festival's overwhelming crowds. It's important - or at least it was for me - to remember that EDC NY isn't Electric Zoo; it has no home of its own replete with grassy knolls, picnic blankets, water views, and cityscapes...But alas! My cynicism was not confirmed this weekend. EDC NY party-goers, DJs, and the colorful hallmarks of Insomniac made it work.

Below, the pictures and their captions are tidbits of wisdom I am offering as a recap n' review of EDC NY's maximal crazy level of EDMagic:

1) Baby ravers smell like teen spirit - and I actually love the stench! There were bros, the female version (rhymes, and wears daisies and little else), and weird-yet-awesome dorks who could just produce the next big sound that rocks the industry (from their parents' basement, no less!). These kids were friendly, festive, and best of all, truly into the music.

IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2634

2) Sometimes those dime-a-dozen DJs you always hear of - but have always tried not to hear - actually impress you! This weekend they were Cedric Gervais and R3hab.

IMG_2610 IMG_2675 IMG_2650

3) DJs you've been drooling over for more than a year can pretty much play a recording of their podcast and/or BBC 1 Essential Mix and you can still walk away with your mind blown. See Evidence A and B: Mark Knight and Seth Troxler.

IMG_2629 IMG_2678

4) Eric Prydz is God. [Note: In my opinion, his mashup of two classic Faithless tracks is quite possibly the greatest modern day main stage track since the time of the underground rave, e.g. before there were main stages...)


5) New talent is alive and well in EDM, and every festival should continue to reach out to find and deliver that talent to the masses! Sets like Modus', an up-and-coming DJ from Los Angeles, trumped many of the marquee acts'. It was a delight to see the Kandi Kids loyally perched at the Wide Awake Art Car waiting to hear fresh new underground sounds.


6) Trance is prettttty much a thing of the past at these events... However, the former trance, now-progressive champions can still make your body drop along with their builds, and your heart race as fast as their BPM, so never fear. Gareth Emery *always* throws down!


7) There is a reason that Carl Cox has a lot of Friends, and they always seem to reside in a prominent tent at all of your favorite festivals: techno is like the megachurch of EDM, and *everyone* should worship there.


8) The defining features of EDC are the art installations and the carnival rides; even in a parking lot, these elements truly make the party come alive.

IMG_2719 IMG_2762  

Although it was literally a parking lot in Queens, EDC NY was on-par with Randalls Island, or even that venerable motor speedway in Las Vegas.

All photo credit to Brandon!