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Relentless Beats Crushed It

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pulling up to Crush Fest on Saturday night I knew it was going to be one to remember. OTB Correspondent Ashley Strickland recounts her experience at Crush Music Festival in Phoenix, Az.   Around 8:30pm the line was already spreading out through the parking lot and the crowd came dressed to impress. It was something of a flashback to old warehouse raves - only better. Once you entered the venue you couldn't help but notice the massive white inflatable tubes and circles covered in spikes adorning the ceiling. The simple design was great. Enough to keep the venue looking alive while not stealing any attention from the sets soon to follow.


It’s hard to catch every act in a venue where there’s two stages going at once but I was able to pay close attention to some great ones. It was my first time seeing HUCCI behind the decks and I have to say he doesn't disappoint. The crowd was feeling his smooth trap beats and he had everyone off to a good start.


However, DirtyPhonics stole the show on Saturday night. With a missing member Charly and Pitchin held down the decks with drum and bass, dubstep, and trap beats for the crowd to get grimy to and that’s exactly what they did. While the temperature continued to raise the crowd raged on, DirtyPhonics dancers tossed out water bottles, Charly and Pitchin took turns hyping the crowd, and The Relentless Beats crew tossed buckets of water out into the crowded room to keep everyone energized and cool. To cap the night off Excision brought down the house, and bits of the ceiling, with his 150,000 watts of bass. Crush Fest was exactly what Phoenix had been missing and by 3:00am most of us staggered to the exits, hot, sweaty and satisfied.