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Darren Styles Throws Down UK Hardstyle At Studio 7

Monday, March 03, 2014
Travis Quick

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Seattle's very own Kandyland 10 at Studio 7. In celebration of 10 years of Kandyland, Phase Three Events brought UK hardstyle legend, Darren Styles.  Let me be the first to say, if you weren't there, you missed out big time. Doors opened at 8PM, however, my crew and I didn't get till a little before 10. Studio 7 was a completely new venue for all of us and we really had no idea what to expect, but we were up for anything. After getting out of the car we realized there was one hell of a wait. While in line we talked to everyone around us there was an abundance of PLUR in the air. Even though we waited a long time to get inside, it seemed to have gone by quite quickly. Listen to this track as you read the article to fully immerse yourself into the to glory of Darren Styles

Darren Styles - Satellite

Once inside there was so much for our eyes to take in, no one said a word. As we got our bearings, I was approached by a completely decked out rave girl. She asked me my name and then told me that hers was "...." I really wish I could have remembered her name. It was so unique and special because it was the first person who ever introduced themselves with a stereotypical 'Rave Name.' She promptly gave me some glow sticks and moved on to the next person. The experiences with other raves were quite abundant and the energy in the club was high. I decided to check out the upstairs, 21 and over, to see another part of the club and to view the crow and stage from above. Sometimes being 21 has its perks, and the view was definitely one of them. Darren-Styles-Top-View When people think about the 21 and over sections, they normally associate the people within them to be very calm and relaxed; that was hardly the case. Due to the spacious amount of room in the 21 and over area, people danced even harder. I personally stayed in that section for a lot of the time because it was so much fun. While in the club, people kept talking about this second room where there was another DJ playing. I just did not understand where this mysterious room was because I had been everywhere in the club, or at least thought so. After walking around for quite some time, I found this hallway in the pitch black. I walked down the hallway for about 5 ft, turned to my left, and low and behold a small room, maybe 20ft by 30ft, had another DJ, and some people dancing their hearts out. I quickly found my crew and took everyone to this back room. With no time at all we made it right up to the front. I have never experienced anything like it. I was right in front of the DJ mixing away he wasn't even raised on a platform. Darren-Styles-Back-Room Every so often I would accidentally fall into the booth because the room was so crowded.  It held maybe 30 people max. It was a great feeling to be so close to the DJ and being able to talk with and praise him. Once it was getting close to midnight we decided to go back to the main room to get ready for Darren Styles. The DJ on right before was Jimni Cricket and she did one hell of a mash-up set. She even closed with this amazing Pokemon mash-up song.  After she got off the stage everyone was getting ready in anticipation for Darren Styles. Performers on both sides of the stage started to dance and then the heavily coveted Darren Styles walked out as the crowd roared. Once Darren started playing his song, people went crazy. It seemed as if everyone loved ever single song. The energy never stopped. After a while I even found myself getting tired after all the craziness,which is something that seldom happens.  With the use of the full spectrum laser, lights, and strobes, Studio 7 was going off. Darren-Styles-On-Stage One of the most amazing parts of Darren Styles was that he did not use a computer while up on stage; he would pull out CD's from his case and using those during his Set. Honestly I would have been happy if he kept playing forever. Going to a hardstyle show really makes your appreciate the genre so much more. I believe it is meant to be experienced live, in a crowd. It just makes you want to stomp around and jump. Another OTB writer, Zack, had this to say about Darren Styles

"Basically in a nutshell I thought that the 6 year wait to see Darren Styles was well worth it and exceeded any and all expectations that I had."

It goes to show how dedicated Darren Style fans are. I am extremely happy I decided to go and have now feel in love with many of Darren Style's tracks.  Here are just a couple that will hopefully get you as excited about Darren Styles as I am.

Darren Styles & Michael  Scout - Without You

Darren Styles & Re-Con - Sober

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