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Event Review: Spring Break DreamWorld Party, Hawaii

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Travis Quick


spring-break The one time I can go wild without a care in the world... those were my exact thoughts when I finished my last final two weeks ago. This past spring break, I flew to Hawaii for a week to get some sun and relaxation. One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is to check out the local rave scene. In order to do this, I did some research online to figure out who might be in town while I was visiting. When I saw that there was going to be a "SpringBreak DreamWorld Party," with Shogun and Dskotek headlining, about a mile away from the hotel I was staying in, it was a no brainer. I bought tickets early in the week at the venue so I was sure I knew where it was. After four different times of passing by The Republik, following the directions of Google Maps, I asked a local to see if she knew where the venue was. She told me to make sure I looked up as I was driving by, as The Republik was a bit hard to find. Upon my last drive by, I found The Republik located on a raised parking garage. When I saw the venue in person I wasn't sure how to describe what my eyes were seeing. A painting of a "Bail Bonds" sign is not the best sign of a classy establishment. That was only the beginning of a string of annoyances I experienced at the show. Republik-Venue With Friday just around the corner, I couldn't have been more excited. I was most looking forward to Shogun, as he was just in Seattle and I wasn't able to make the show. Dskotek and the local performers were just icing on the cake for me, building up to the main act, Shogun. Due to a long day sightseeing in Hawaii, I decided to get to the venue about an hour and a half after the event started. I was surprised to find that entering the venue was a breeze. The first thing I noticed when I got inside was how loud it was. I reached into my pockets to put my earplugs in, and I realized that unfortunately I had forgotten them. I asked the woman working as a cashier if she had any extra. After she looked around for a while she found some and gave them to me- things were starting off great! Then I turned to my right and found the huge stage, three TVs projecting the stage and three bars. This area was huge, which was too bad because the concert was not well attended. I went into the back where there was yet another bar and sitting lounge. The venue itself was surprisingly nice on the inside and has the potential to be amazing. dskotec-stage Once I settled down into DreamWorld, the event seemed to drag on as the first couple of acts I saw weren't really all that special. Then to add to everything there was a MC who would not stop talking. I have yet to still  have a good experience seeing an MC live and hopefully that will change in he future. This MC would loudly talk over the music and yell into the mic generic sayings including as "put your hands up" and "clap if you like the DJ." Half the time I couldn't focus on the set because I was so distracted by how bad the MC was. [Tweet "MC's suck"]


[Tweet "MC's are valuable additions to a DJ set"] The moment Shogun got on stage everything changed. One of the first songs he played was Veldt by Deadmau5, and it really changed my mood around. A guy next to me had gloves on and I ask him if I could get a light show. He gave me a full six-minute light show to the whole time Shogun played "Veldt," and it was truly magical. Much to my dismay, right after that the MC got back on the mic and ruined most of Shogun's set.  To be honest, I left early because I was so annoyed with the whole situation: the MC and the energy in the club due to a crowd that wasn't very energetic or enthusiastic. Im-Done After I go to concerts or festivals in a new place, I always am yearning to go back as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, this was definitely not the case at the SpringBreak DreamWorld Party. Keep in mind that this is one experience and the scene could be totally different from the one night I went. But I know Hawaii is a place that I will not be going back to specifically for a show, at least for a while. There are so many other places that have blown me out of the water that I would rather spend my time going back to those or exploring new places. [Tweet "I will never stop exploring the rave scene"] Though this was one bad night, please do comment below with your experience going to shows in Hawaii. I would love to hear some great stories to change my mind! :)