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The Future Of EDM and House Music is Safe

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Sam Storch

Thanks To Tchami, Bixel Boys and Webster Hall

For the first time in a very long time I have experienced a show where I strongly felt that the future of electronic dance music and house music is safe. If you are reading this and you've been keeping up with the electronic dance music scene, you have been exposed to mostly negative press as of late. You may have heard the phrases: “Everything is beginning to sound the same” “DJ’s don’t do anything" “These concert goers are uneducated/do not know good music” Usually, these words are uttered by people who believe they are better than the rest of the electronics dance music fans, but after hearing these comments so frequently it's hard not to listen.

This Show would’ve made them eat their words

On a rainy Friday night (May 16th, 2014), at Webster hall in NYC, TChami, The Bixel Boys and the rest of the DJ’s who graced the stage that night did something extraordinary; they introduced everyone in attendance to the future of house music.


From The Beginning

From the moment the first song was played there was no doubt it was going to be a great night. The first set was a B2B set played by DJ’s Rekles and Alex English. For anyone who knows a bit about DJing, one of the most challenging things to do is to play an opening set. With fantastic track transitions and a phenomenal choice of music, these DJ’s set the perfect atmosphere for the headliner of the night TChami.


Tchami-free-download With an almost unprecedented rise in the electronic dance music scene, Tchami has been able to create a seemingly brand new genre of house music. This one of a kind artist takes elements of hip-hop, techno, house and a variety of different genres and melds them together to take his listeners on a one of a kind journey through music. This is exactly what was on display during his set at Webster Hall. By playing a combination of all different types of music including some of his major hits, Untrue and his Wizard (Remix), Tchami took the audience on a wild ride. What was even more amazing about his music selection was the amount of remixes and productions he played in which he made himself. Including one of my personal favorites Frankie Knuckle pres. Marshall Jefferson – Move Yur Body (Tchami Remix). Not to be ignored is this artist’s skill on the decks. In an age where producers do not know how to DJ, Tchami is one of the few who truly understands how to work the decks masterfully. After hearing this artist tear up Webster Hall, it has become abundantly clear to me that house music is safe with guys like TChami.

Bixel Boys

bixel To close off an already fantastic night was The Bixel Boys, an LA duo who seem to have invented there own genre of music… Big Room Underground. A combination of the big room house sound and a minimal, tech house sound, Big Room Underground is a genre that crosses so many boundaries and resonates with so many different people. The Bixel Boys set was the perfect way to end the night. The way that both of these DJ’s feed off of each other and the chemistry they have on the decks really shown through. By playing a combination of their own tunes and a variety of different tunes, The Bixel Boys ended the night on a highly energetic note, that left the crowd in attendance happy and satisfied. Tchami, The Bixel Boys and all of the DJ’s at Webster Hall truly restored my faith in the future of the Electronic Dance Music scene and if you have the chance to see any of these people play you should definitely jump at the opportunity