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Event Review: Why RiFF RaFF is More than Just a Rapper

Monday, June 02, 2014

RiFF RaFF, also known as JODY HiGHROLLER, takes his career much more seriously than most would think. The Houston-based rapper's name has graced headlines and social media pages for much more than his music. RiFF RaFF has become nothing short of a viral sensation since he started making performing, and many of his fans (as well as his haters) look forward to new videos, memes and antics that surface in the social media sphere. I have to say that I really had no idea what to expect heading to this show. RiFF RaFF's Neon Icon Tour spans the country, playing shows with fellow Mad Decent trap artist Grandtheft. I took one step in to Seattle's Showbox at the Market and was overpowered with the hot, sweaty air that only means one thing: lots of people are there, and they're all dancing. After turning the corner, I encountered the huge crowd of people, many of whom looked like they were still in high school. I definitely felt a little old, and scampered up to the 21+ area to watch the show. RiFF RaFF's outfits are nothing short of entertaining and flashy; he always stays true to theme, and did so with a neon printed bucket hat with neon shorts and tank. There were go go dancers on either side of him, as well as various large cut-outs of the heads of him, little husky puppies and Katy Perry. The crowd went nuts as he came on stage, most singing along with every word from each song, with his classic "Dolce & Gabbana" (pronounced by RiFF as "dol-see and Gab-anna") being the biggest hit among the crowd. He even put together a special version of his song "Sleepless in Seattle" which definitely kept the crowd hyped. I'm not one to jump around at shows, but there was something in the energy of the crowd along with RiFF RaFF's stage presence that just made you want to bop around with the rest of them. Would I go see RiFF RaFF again? Probably not, since hip-hop isn't really my favorite type of music, but did I have fun? Hell yeah.

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