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Event Review: Trippy Turtle Takes Over Seattle

Thursday, August 14, 2014


This Pokemon card sums up the Trippy Turtle experience in Seattle. The FoFoFadi was real at Q nightclub, where Wednesday's packed club was bouncing up and down, just like Trippy's signature Jersey club bedspring sound. The crowd started chanting for Lido, for some bizarre reason,  but he was thankfully nowhere to be found! Only a big bowl of lettuce for Trippy to munch on, when catching his wheezy turtle breath. On to the show...who plays Craig David at the club anymore? Seriously, to drop "Fill Me In" takes some serious skill and crowd reading ability. With a generally slowed down, more grind-y type performance, he was able to sense when the crowd was being bounced into a predicable rhythm, and would throw down some trapped out beats that spurred everyone into leaving their feet. Throwing classic 90's jams like some TLC really drew people in. However, some of the attendees were not particularly keen to the Turtle's way. Kudos for them for checking out an artist they may not be totally into. They may have been there against their own wishes, and are completely entitled to their opinions, BUT to be there loudly complaining about how the DJ sucks is not a good look. While most would be happy to be at any live music show, the number of complainers was few and far between, but they were the entitled VIPers who should ALWAYS, ALWAYS get their way. tumblr_na91mm90rr1s3c8x1o1_1280 In closing, GO SEE TRIPPY TURTLE. HATERS BE HATERS. They can Eee...Err...Eee...Err... off.