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Skrillex Unleashes Tons of New Tracks at Marquee NY

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Alex Blake

Skrillex’s surprise visit to Marquee NY this past September 4 was a spectacle to behold. Thanks to Marquee NY, Skrillex dropped a set filled with unreleased music, accompanied by popular favorites of his past albums (I mean seriously, I could listen to “Cinema” on repeat for days). Similar to the set he broadcast over SiriusXM from the Slipper Room in New York the following night, both evenings were a welcome departure from the familiar Mothership Tour set heard at Red Rocks (and basically every subsequent festival he played, depending on his set length). The evening began well enough with what was expected to be a not-so-packed crowd (thanks to fairly high ticket prices) highlighted be a stellar performance of a world-renowned DJ. While some may pass judgment on what are admittedly high ticket prices, I personally would prefer to pay a little more while to avoid the inhumanely cramped conditions of most clubs. Marquee NY was able to keep this balance for the most part, though for the price of a regular ticket (for me, regular = male), I’d expect at least a LITTLE more room. With that being said, this is the only club in New York that I’d trust to bring in an artist like Skrillex and keep the atmosphere at least somewhat humane. 09_04_14 Skrillex @ Marquee by PEARCEY PROPER-9538 DJ Mustard served as the opener of the evening, playing basically a set of only Top 40s hip-hop. I understand why DJ Mustard has a career (kinda), what with being the producer of hits like Tyga’s “Rack City” and 2 Chainz “I’m Different,” but I’m not entirely convinced he knows how to DJ*. Blending songs in any meaningful way seems to be a foreign concept, effects are non-existent, and if you think you’re going to get to dance through a drop, you’re wrong (you’ll be bombarded every 45 to 90 seconds with questions such as “y’all like this cash money shit?!” and aggressively reminded of what city you live in). Check out his set at Red Rocks here and judge for yourself. From what I understand, his DJ background is simply different than what I know, so I am admittedly biased. Regardless, it just wasn’t for me, and  I suppose DJ Mustard did what any opener is supposed to do (albeit in a different way) by really amping the crowd up for Skrillex. 09_04_14 Skrillex @ Marquee by PEARCEY PROPER-9771 As I’ve already mentioned, Skrill’s set was MASSIVE. New tunes from Jack Ü, Must Die, Trollphace, and more made appearances, punctuated by the familiar sounds of Skrillex’s past. Skrillex’s own light show was toned down compared to his usual antics, but Marquee NY’s venue provided more than enough lasers, confetti and disco balls to make up for it. Overall, when factoring in the ticket prices, drink prices and amount of people in the club against being able to see one of my favorite artists at an intimate venue, playing what was basically an all new set (the Recess remix he drops in the Slipper Room set seriously brings tears to my eyes) I’d say it was overall a pretty successful (and fun) night. I’d give it a 7 out of 10**.   *I’m certain that I DO NOT know how to DJ. **This scale is completely subjective and made up at the very last moment by me because it seems like the thing to do in an event review. So yeah. Pretty successful and fun = 7 out of 10.