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3 Reasons TOKiMONSTA Dominated Decibel Festival

Monday, October 06, 2014
Hannah King

1. TOKiMONSTA is a badass.

2. Baths is multi-talented and will make you cry.

3. The Flavr Blue is so much more than just a synth-pop band.

This is what I learned at the Decibel Festival Rhythm and Bass showcase last Thursday. Each performance was vibrant and interesting, and together created one amazing night of music in Seattle. Before I get on with discussing my huge lady boner for TOKiMONSTA, let's discuss the other talented musicians that were there that night.


To be honest, Baths is not music that I generally listen to often, other than when I'm feeling very sad and angsty. However, he put on a beautiful and emotional performance. It nearly brought a tear to my eye. It actually did bring tears to my friends' eyes, who is a big Baths fan. He delivered a passionate hour-long set in which incorporated the use of live instruments and live singing. I was particularly impressed by Baths' vocal chops. Not only does he have a beautiful quality to his voice, but he also has a very raw and emotional sound. Hence the tears.

The Flavr Blue

I was pleasantly surprised by The Flavr Blue's hour long DJ set. It was a lot more intricate and bass-infused than their signature synth-pop style recordings. Though at times a little generic, it was a good way to kick off the evening's festivities.


Ok, now let's talk about the goddess that is TOKiMONSTA. Her set was the definition of NAILED IT! I couldn't stop dancing. I looked around. I wasn't the only one. It was as if she blasted the audience with sexy, bassy energy. She played everything from old school R&B, classic TOKi faves such as 'Go With It', music from her new album, trap, and deep, sexy bassy uuunnnffff. Interpret that last one however you see fit. When she exited the stage, a loud roar of "TOKi, TOKi, TOKi....." erupted, so, being the wonderful human that she is, TOKiMONSTA came back on stage for a long encore to top off an incredible night. My only gripe with her set was that she did not play 'Steal My Attention', my favorite song from her latest album, Desiderium. Bummer, guess I'll just have to see her again. I think I speak for all of Seattle when I say, BRING TOKi BACK!