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Nocturnal Wonderland 2014: My Camping Experience

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Monica Uppal

I am not a camper; honestly I love my showers, I love my comfortable bed, and I love being able to not wake up in a hot flash from the blaring Southern California sun; however, my experience camping at Nocturnal was one for the books. My non-enthusiastic approach to camping was quelled, once I realized that combining a camping experience with an EDM festival enhances the overall festival experience, and promotes a surrounding of familial vibes between campers.

This article is going to talk about my experience at Nocturnal Wonderland, and why camping at EDM events is a necessity.

 Nocturnal The Event:

The majority of my friends were not ecstatic about the Nocturnal lineup, however I was. As mentioned in a previous OTB article, there were a lot of DJs who literally brought down the house; Slander, Excision, Clockwork, Mat Zo, and so many more.

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Both nights, I found myself bouncing around stage to stage in pure musical heaven. Each stage was so well-decorated; of course main stage was amazing with the classic large owl. I was really impressed with the side stages as well; usually at large events, main stage tends to have prominent attention, but at Nocturnal, every stage was fully packed, and had amazing lighting. In addition to the stage production was the art production. I have to hand it to Insomniac, they truly make everything an experience. The whole ambience of Nocturnal was breathtaking, from the dancers, to the rest areas, to the little unique booths.

Now to the music; what more can I say, Insomniac delivered. I was surprised that my favorite set was Mat Zo, who came on after Clockwork, which was amazing as well. In addition, I have to hand it to Martin Garrix, who I interviewed for pre-event coverage, he put on a killer set that had the whole crowd partying and jumping around.

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The Camping:

My friends placed a bet that I could not survive camping, but honestly I loved it. Nocturnal is an event that begins on Friday and ends Saturday night, however, the camping begins on Thursday. I recommend future campers to go the moment the gates opened, like I did, because the ease of walking to the stage is amazing.

Thursday, while putting up my tent (thanks to the aid of the hunky PLUR men across from my campsite), I met such an eclectic mix of EDM fans; there were speakers blasting music all the way from trap, to trance, to hard-style, all the way to big room. It was amazing to actually witness the mix of so many genres.

Each night there is a silent disco party, which enables campers to continue raving until the wee hours of the morning. In addition to the silent disco, there was really neat activities such as making glowing jars, and tie-dying shirts.

Now once the raving and other activities seized, night rest was needed. The only terrible thing about camping, was being awaken by the bright California sun that came with temperatures in the high 90’s; that was death. But, there was a solution to this problem, and that was the open pool and water slides that campers had access to. Amazing way to cool down. One thing that I really enjoyed about the camping was the showers and bathroom facilities. I was expecting gnarly bathrooms; boy I was wrong. They were sanitary and amazing.

Why Is Camping A Necessity?:

Camping is necessary during festivals; I think it really allows attendees to fully enjoy the culture surrounding EDM, and learn to meet people from all walks of life!

Overall, my camping experience was amazing, and I will definitely be doing it again!

Please share about your experience: the good, the bad, and the ugly!