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KooKoo For Porter Robinson At KoKo

Tuesday, November 04, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Guys, I finally popped my Porter Robinson cherry this past Thursday.

Please keep in mind that I purchased these tickets this past summer, when Porter released Worldsand all I can say is the wait was worth it.

I hope it was worth it for these guys too... considering they traveled all the way from Ireland.

Irish Porter Fans

I have been to over 65 concerts, and this one was by far the best. Cream Group has really outdone themselves, hosting a small town North Carolina resident in the hustling and bustling city we call London.

Porter's opening act and special guest, Danny Howard, did a killer job pumping up the crowd. From my view, all I could see were cell phones ready to record, and arms in the air preparing for the sick drop.

danny howard set

(I apologize for the crappy iPhone quality.)

The thing is, the AM ONLY -- Radio 1 DJ is categorized in a different genre than Robinson, so it was interesting to see their sounds clash in one night. It went from house, to pretty, electronic, futuristic music. I know I just threw out some random words, but they are pretty relevant when describing Robinson and Howard's music.

Because they are in two different genres, Danny had about only half of the crowd jumping; others were just flat out mad and impatient, because Porter was scheduled to make his grand entrance on the DJ podium at 9:45. Personally, I thought Howard was great. He had Duke Dumont remixes here and there, yet the same crowd of people were dancing, me included.


As soon as his set was over, people were mingling or taking bathroom breaks... in the hopes that Porter would be up next. Weirdly enough, it came as a shock for the fans to see Bo en take the stage. Many did not understand his music...even though it was closer to Robinson's genre than Howard's.  

For those of you wondering who Bo en is, he's a Londoner who produces video game-y - - Japanese music... another one for you guys to add to the list. Seriously, it sounded like something you'd hear out of Sonic. As beautiful as these sounds are, it was just not what the people wanted; they were there for one person and one person only, so the disappointment on their faces when they saw a different person DJing was obvious to say the least.

Surprisingly, there were no rude "boos" or chants of "We want Porter!"... that's some British manners for ya!

Bo en :: Lickety Split Show (Interview & Mix)

His sounds are pretty similar to the happy go-lucky music Wave Racer channels.

When 9:45 hit, everyone knew what it was time for, we had all been waiting for that moment for several months.

Porter Robinson did not just make an appearance, it was more of an official arrival, he was like the "Kimye + Baby North at the Hamptons" for the night.

The visuals helped in setting the bar as well, courtesy of Ghostdad. Marvelous would be an understatement, but I hope this short clip gives you an idea of how awesome they were.

(I was clearly too excited to hold the phone was the fellow American screaming next to me... could you blame us?)

On top of that, the crew added their special touch of cO2 cannons from the stage each time the beat dropped.

Enjoy the seven second clip!

Later when songs from Worlds were set in motion, streamers and confetti were out and about the audience, raising the standards on the epic-ness chart. The transitions were sharp and on point, it was as if everyone knew where he was going with each lined up track...something about the beat techniques just brought the whole thing together.

(A nine second clip...even better lol)

I have to say, the best part about the entire show was the fact that he wasn't just playing his latest hits; you could probably tell that "Language" was being played from the first video. What you might not be aware of,  is that he hit us with "Easy" too. By the way, "Language" was his encore track...don't be surprised that he had the crowd begging for more, especially in their cute British accents.

Needless to say, it was a great way to spend the night before Halloween.

By the way, for all my Londoner's, Kygo will be performing at The Laundry on December 13th and 14th. More details to come, but I hope to see some of you guys there!