Netsky’s Stay Up With Me Tour Sets A New Bar For Live EDM


Stay Up With Netsky

Every once and a while an artist comes along with the talent and passion to truly change the music scene. Netsky is one of those artists. A long standing force to be reckoned with in the drum and bass arena, Netsky’s live show is changing the way electronic music will be performed in the future. Much like Porter Robinson and Destroid, Netsky’s tour features live instruments and vocals, but where Destroid and Porter are mostly visual spectacles paired with their amazing music, Netsky has chosen the route of pure unadulterated music.

The first major difference those who are lucky enough to witness his live show will notice is the lack of blinding lights and extreme visuals. While some venues may differ on this, the main set up of the show is focused on those performing the music and not LED nights. Netsky, of course front and center, is joined by Michael Schack on the drums, BABL on the keys, and Script MC as…well the MC. The talent possessed by this group of D&B heads is made perfectly clear throughout the show, as the four work seamlessly together to produce some of the finest drum and bass sounds the human race has ever heard. I was also extremely excited and surprised when Billie, the vocalist who sings in `We Can Only Live Today,’ joined the group on stage for a few songs where her singing was breathtaking.


On top of it all, Netsky has brought Kove along with him to warm up the crowd with a slew of hard hitting drum and bass tracks. Featuring everything from some slick Chase and Status to some sexy deep house, Kove got the night going with the right tunes. It was the perfect way to get into the sound for Netsky’s performance.

With a stacked set list, an MC who doesn’t detract from the experience but actually adds, a band full of energy playing off each other and having a visibly good time, Kove as support, and a crowd that was going insane for each track the concert was nothing less than incredible (and honestly how could it not be with Netsky providing the beautiful melodies for the evening?). The `Stay Up With Me’ tour is easily the best performance I have seen from any electronic artist this year and is a must see. If Netsky is making a stop near you I urge you to attend. You will regret not going. For a taste of what the tour is like check out the video below and find out more about the tour via the links below.

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Matthew Jager
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