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ETC! ETC! Turned Avalon Into A Moshpit

As we all know, Thanksgiving weekend is a great excuse to party. This past Friday, Avalon Hollywood hosted and epic lineup for CONTROL to wake everyone up from their tryptophan comas. ETC! ETC! headlined with Torro Torro and Blood Diamonds, and together they absolutely murdered the place! Let's start this off with Torro Torrro. Playing a set jam-packed of amazing tracks by themselves and others, the duo could do no wrong. They didn't stick to one genre, playing everything from Big Room to Moombahton (and everything in between), this set kept the crowd jumping the whole time. These two always put on an amazing show, and if you haven't heard of them before go ahead and check out a few of their tracks below. Next up: ETC! ETC! and damn, did he deliver. Being caught in mosh pits with drinks flying in the air... What else can I say other than that it was a truly good time. I honestly can't explain his set in words except that it was mind blowing.  I cannot wait to see him again live, much respect to this dude, he really deserves it. If you haven't had the chance to check out ETC! ETC! give these tracks a listen. Last, but for sure not least, Blood Diamonds. Doing an incredible job of getting the crowd on their feet, he is an act you don't want to miss. Playing all different styles of music he was a great way to close out. To get an idea of the music Blood Diamonds spins, check out the tracks below, they won't disappoint. Photo By: Jeanette HernandezTwitter: @jeanettehndz | Tumblr: