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Infected Mushroom Celebrate Epic Stage with Live Band on The Animatronica Tour

Thursday, April 30, 2015

There's something truly special about Duvdev and Erez of Infected Mushroom, and it isn't just their music. They're two of the nicest people (not just artists, PEOPLE) that I've had the pleasure of meeting. About two years ago, I had just begun writing with Only The Beat and covered Paradiso Festival that summer in The Gorge. Infected Mushroom was the first artist interview I had secured (in person, nonetheless), and I was excited, as well as terrified. Their music had been in my playlists for years, giving me the soft spot for psytrance that I still have today. I almost stumbled into their trailer backstage and had no idea what to expect. The duo (along with their manager and crew) were the nicest guys I'd ever met. Immediately I felt at ease as Duvdev and I joked around, and to this day it's still my favorite interview that I've ever conducted. Having a great heart as an artist really says something about your fan following. Infected Mushroom has been paving the way to bring psytrance to those who would otherwise give the genre a pass since they formed the group in 1996. It really says something about their incredibly dedicated fan base; artists who make great music get a large group of fans, but artists who truly care about their fans keep them for the long term. [caption id="attachment_32658" align="aligncenter" width="620"]infected mushroom animatronica tour These guys are known for their productions set up. (@ Fungusamongus Tour)[/caption] I digress. Let's get back to a few months ago, when Seattle's USC Events announced that Infected Mushroom would be taking their new Animatronica Live Tour to The Showbox in April. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to cover the show because HELLLOOOOO, psytrance + live band + interactive production? I'm in. Infected Mushroom are known for their epic stage set-ups, most notably their Fungusamongus Tour, which featured 3D orbs covered in LEDs that created graphics so amazing that even the most sober person would trip their face off. Upon announcement of The Animatronica Tour, Infected fans everywhere rejoiced. I'd seen the duo play with their live band at Burning Man the previous summer, and knew that I couldn't miss the show. [caption id="attachment_32657" align="aligncenter" width="620"]infected mushroom animatronica tour So. Much. Awesome. Energy![/caption] There was a serious buzz of energy among the crowd at The Showbox. My favorite shows are when I see fans that range from 18 to 55; Infected's entire Seattle fan base had showed up, young and old. I'm no pit rat (my short stature makes it a bit hard to see the stage), so I settled in to a spot at the bar where I had a great view of the stage. When they unveiled that curtain, WOW. Duvdev was on the mic all night, while Erez headed up the electronic side. The live band included a guitarist and drummer whose solos stole the show (they were both super talented), and that stage...was...awesome. The crowd was surrounded by a set of evil, grinning mushrooms and trees; their sharp teeth shining and red eyes glowing. I blinked; wait...did it...did it move? Yep. The entire stage, eyes and arms were moving along with the music. [caption id="attachment_32656" align="aligncenter" width="620"]infected mushroom animatronica tour Erez on the decks[/caption] Music-wise, they covered most of their latest album, "Friends on Mushrooms", and really took advantage of the live band with tracks like "Rise Up". My favorite parts? I love me some Infected Mushroom music, but it was also the covers that drove the crowd wild. Their opening track was a cover of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" and I have never seen a Showbox crowd get so wild. I had witnessed another cover from their Army of Mushrooms album, The Foo Fighters' "The Pretender" at their Burning Man set and was so excited that they played it near the end of the show. Everyone was screaming along with the lyrics, energy high. Infected Mushroom, you guys have once again outdone yourselves, and we can't wait to have you back again.