Meridian Lights Brings the Rock to Backwoods Music Festival

When’s the last time you saw a real life band perform? I’m not talking about Porter playing the keyboard next to his computer, or Big Gigantic playing the drums and saxophone. I’m talking about a guitar, bass, drums and vocal with no computer in sight. At Backwoods Music Festival, countless bands filled the Kumbaya stage and Globe Theater with live instruments ready to prove that rock is still alive and well. Meridian Lights is proving this one song at a time.

The Brooklyn group may not be the most well known, but the amount of soul each member puts into each track is infectious and had the crowd at Backwoods moving in their shoes. Their look is unique, their sound even more exceptional, Meridian Lights is the essence of rock and deserves your attention.

Meridian Lights – Meridian EP

Bradley Valentin singing lead vocals rocked the stage with his sweet tones and humble attitude. Guitarist Yohimbe riffed away on both electric and acoustic guitars, wailing away like the guitarists of old. Every song, every note came from the soul.

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Both Bradley and Yohimbe grew up immersed in the musical world starting early in their lives. Crossing paths multiple times, the two met up at a party and the rest is history. They incorporated Jean Shepherd on bass and Drew McClean on drums. The entire group certainly is skilled at their instruments, which bode well as they start to break through in the rock genre.

With the release of their second release “self titled” Meridian Lights look toward the future. Performing around Brooklyn along with festivals across the country, I would highly recommend seeing them live and enjoy the soulful sounds the band creates. Check them out at their website along with their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Alex Zimmerman

Alex Zimmerman

Music has always been a passion of mine, being the kid trying to find the latest music to listen to. In college, I was exposed to Emalkay's "When I Look At You" and EDM quickly became my favorite genre. I hope to show people through writing what EDM has done to me and hope I can help people discover the beauty that is EDM.
Alex Zimmerman
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