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CRSSD is Bringin' Summer Back

Festival Overview

CRSSD brought summer back for one last hurrah on October 10th and 11th at Waterfront Park in San Diego.  If you're from anywhere besides California, this was a good last trip to somewhere warm before the holiday season.  From someone who went to the first CRSSD Fest in March and round two in October this is not one you will want to skip out on next year and here's why. CRSSD

Reason's to get CRSSD (in no particular order)


If you have been going to shows/raves/massives/festivals for a few years I am sure you will love this aspect of CRSSD.  Being able to walk around to any stage with a beer in your hand is a real treat AND you don't even have to take your ID out at the bar.  Contrary to popular belief, having alcohol on site does not make everyone get more drunk. (Weird right?) I only witnessed one person getting removed from the festival for bothering someone else and they both looked like they were having a grand ol' time when it was over, so that's a win-win right?!


Waterfront Park is exactly what it sounds like:  A beautiful city building with lots of well maintained grass and landscaping on one side, and a view of the ocean and marina on the other.  Three stages and a small crowd add to the value of the venue.  They do not over pack the park with people and you can walk from any point in the venue to the furthest point away in less than ten minutes (and that's if you have short legs).


This is a very cliche term and isn't my favorite to use but it fits well with this one.  There was not a single person I ran into where I was not happy with the outcome of the conversation or lack there of. Everyone was there to have a good time, drink a couple brews with their friends, and listen to tasty tunes.


To see so many amazing artists you except to shell out large amounts of money these days and have it sell out in seconds.  Luckily CRSSD is new on the scene and charged less than $125 for your two day festival pass which is a great value for what you receive. CRSSD

And of Course the Music

ZHU (Click to see a video of his performance)

His production and sound quality is through the roof, maybe even the stratosphere.  I knew from the get go that this would be one of my favorite sets and when you set high expectations sometimes you can be let down, not this time.  He's elusive, has a slew of unreleased tracks, all while bringing together live instruments, vocalists, and working his magic.

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas was the best way to close out a great weekend.  Tempo and style change was huge in this set.  From people relaxing in the back to people grooving in the middle to people dancing their asses off in the front, I didn't see any disappointed faces.

Mano Le Tough

Most surprising set of the weekend award goes to Mano.  I knew he was going to be solid but this set was up there with the likes of Tale of Us and Loco Dice.  Amazing progression and dank DJing did it for me.

Goldroom B2B Le Youth

This set had me wrapped up in the summers' end feels.  A great mix of R&B, disco, and house music, they really worked the sun going down into what they had going on.


You always get something a little different out of Claptone than you do the rest of the crowd.  One of the larger, more loyal crowds I saw at the City Steps stage was at this set.  He did a really good job of feeling out the crowd and changing up songs you are used to hearing to make you fall in love with them all over again. Related: BEHIND THE BEAT: CLAPTONE TALKS NEW ALBUM CHARMER

Jamie XX

This man can do no wrong.  CRSSD was my first time seeing him DJ and it was honestly more impressive than his live sets.  With a solid range of energy levels and some sounds I can say I have never heard before.

Wrap Up

I really can't put into words how well organized this festival is.  After jumping on early bird tickets in March and not knowing what to expect, to going back in October, I can't think of a single complaint about the management or set up of this show. Coachella vibes with out all of the camping commitment, a beautiful backdrop with San Diego sunsets and beautiful people, a more mature crowd with just the right amount of space at a reasonable price, these are just the most memorable aspects of the weekend that make CRSSD one of the most desirable festivals in USA.
For those of you who attended in October or even March, what was your favorite thing about CRSSD?