That Time When I Had a 2 Night Stand with Zeds Dead…

Although the name would suggest otherwise, this 2 night stand was in a theater, not in the bedroom. Zeds Dead took off on their 2 Night Stand Tour, which spanned across 8 cities who were blessed with not one, but two nights of Zeds Dead music new and old. As artists progress and music tastes change, so can their releases. The duo came to fame when rough, grimy dubstep was really taking off in North America and with the rise of deep house and other EDM genres, its frequency of listeners has gone down. Zeds Dead music had taken a turn towards house while keeping their bass roots, but longtime fans were hungry for the classics.


Enter the 2 Night Stand Tour. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect as we walked into Seattle’s Neptune Theater, especially as Zeds Dead opened up with a lot of hip-hop heavy  trap tracks that continued  for the first half fan hour or so into the show. But as the set went on, the inclusion of tracks like the “Hadouken VIP” really started setting the crowd off. As far as production goes, the lazers were hypnotic, perfectly timed with the beat of each track (well done sound & light guys!) and really added to the nostalgia of my experiences at Zeds Dead shows of years past.


More house-y beats continued, with tracks like the Tchami remix of Oliver $ & Jimi Jules’ “Pushing on” that had everyone grooving. I think the turning point for me hit when Zeds Dead turned up the speakers and their remix of Marina and the Diamonds’ hit “Lies” came on. It was one of those moments where the subs fill your body and rattle your rib cage, and you open your eyes to the entire crowd moving in sync to the beat. It was incredible, and I really did feel like we had taken a journey to come full circle to the evolution of Zeds Dead over the years, and it was intimate. The rest of the show continued on with a mix of new, classics, dubstep house and trap.

Overall, was it what I had expected? No, not really. Myself and many other attendees were expecting more classic dubstep. Does that mean I was disappointed? No way. We had a great look into how many amazing sounds Zeds Dead has released in the past few years, and for that 2 Night Stand, well, I’m thankful.



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