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Lucky 2014 Artist Spotlight: GRiZ

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Matthew Jager

There's No Gold At The End Of The Rainbow, Only Bass!

 (listen to this while reading through the rest of the post)

With Lucky only three weeks away, and hype for the event building daily, it is time to look yet again at some of the artists who will be performing at this annual extravaganza of green, gold, and bass. This time we take a look at GRiZ. Based out of Detroit, Grant Kwiecinski has made a name for himself with his signature funk inspired, bass heavy beats that bring the dance floor to life in ways that not every artist is able to achieve. His sounds are so fresh and very soulful that it is hard to not bob your head or rock back and forth while listening to his music.

tumblr_lrqchfsD9e1qii6tmo1_250tumblr_lrqchfsD9e1qii6tmo1_250tumblr_lrqchfsD9e1qii6tmo1_250tumblr_lrqchfsD9e1qii6tmo1_250 Collaborating with the likes of Gramatik and Exmag, GRiZ has created some amazing tracks that will last far beyond the likes of the same sounding big room tracks that get pumped out daily. I have the sneaking suspicion that when electronic music is looked back on in thirty years, the music being produced by these three artists will be some of the electronic music that stood the test of time. After seeing Gramatik and Exmag at the Showbox Market last year I could not be more excited to finally get to see GRiZ at Lucky 2014. If past history has anything to tell me about how his set is going to be, it will be one you do not want to miss. Beware though, there will be bass…lots of it. Below you will find both of his full albums which can be downloaded for free on Soundcloud.