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Kaskade & Mysteryland: The Countdown Has Begun (Video)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Ben Morris

Memorial Day weekend is approaching at an ever-quickening rate and those of us headed to Bethelwoods, NY are starting to get antsier in anticipation for the magical weekend before us. To fuel the excitement, Mysteryland has released a new pulsing trailer and some artists are starting to comment on the magnitude of the event.


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Topping it off, Kaskade went to Tumblr this weekend to express his thoughts on the current state of EDM and where Mysteryland plays into the mix. In his post, "Sex, Drugs + No Musical Merit" He draws the parallel between Rock & Roll in 1969 and Electronic Music today. One of my favorite parts of it is how he brings up the irony that Rolling Stone Magazine has become "The new moral authority on society." It is true we have reached a pivotal moment in history and this could very well be the year that the paradigm shift in culture and music occurs. "Our time is now."

Tickets are still available at:  Mysteryland's Website