Porter Robinson announces much-awaited “Worlds” tour

porter robinson tour

The king is back! Porter Robinson has just released the dates on his upcoming North American tour to promote his newest album entitled “Worlds“. Porter had been very secretive about his new album by only releasing a few cryptic pictures of the album cover but this month was filled with new announcements regarding Worlds. Merely a week after announcing that there would be a Worlds tour, the official dates and locations were released as well as an announcement of the supporting act; an upcoming indie electronic band called Lemaitre.

Porter Robinson’s new “Worlds” single 

Porter also gave us a second sneak peek into the music that will be on Worlds by releasing a second single called “Sad Machine” featuring Porter’s vocal debut. Listen to his haunting duet with a robot here:

This will be Porter’s fourth North American tour since the Spitfire Tour, Language Tour and his back to back Poseidon tour with Zedd. Along with the poster for his Worlds tour, Porter released a promotional video that really puts the “Electronic” in Electronic Dance Music.

See your city on the list? Tickets go on sale May 22nd and will probably be selling fast! Still hungry for more Worlds? Check out Porter’s first single on the album, “Sea of Voices” and some equally awesome remixes here. Or you can pre-order the album now!


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