Paradiso Artist Spotlight: Excision


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Hailing from The Great White North, Excision, aka Jeff Abel, is the master of heavy hitting dubstep. His tracks are vicious demonstrations of what happens when you give a mad man 150,000 watts of bass and an array of synths, bass lines, and grungy robotic sounds. The main man behind Destroid (who performed at Freaknight 2013) Excision has a vision to bring heavy dance music to the world.

Much like other dubstep artists, Excisions sets are brutal and very loud, but Excision takes the cake for who pulls it off the best. The last two times I have seen him, I have left the concert being floored by the quality of his mixing, musicality and song selection.



When he pairs his sets with his Executioner stage, the result is unlike anything I have experienced (besides Destroid…but Excision is a part of that too).

Unlike some artists attending Paradiso this year, Excision will be a two time veteran of The Gorge. He played on the main stage at the first Paradiso. His set was amazing and really stood out compared to the sets of some of the other artists on the main stage.

Make sure you catch Excision at Paradiso this year and check out all of his hard hitting music on Soundcloud.


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