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Paradiso Artist Spotlight: Liquid Stranger

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Matthew Jager


Liquid Stranger

Dark, mysterious, heavy. All of these can be used to describe Liquid Stranger’s music. Known for savage bass, old school dubstep vibes, and hard hitting beats, the Liquid Stranger is set to crush the bass stage at Paradiso this year. Liquid has been producing heavy dubstep for a long time now. His recent tracks have been a more, as he calls it, future bass sound and stray away from the grungier side of bass that dubstep occupies. However, his live sets are a mix of both styles with seamless transitions. From the old days when he was signed to Rot Run, Liquid has been developing his very unique style of bass. This uniqueness helps him stand out from the other dubstep artists who at times have similar set styles. Liquid Stranger plays a more old school one that blends current trends of dubstep and heavy bass music while keeping the roots very much alive. If you want some good quality bass time at Paradiso, then Liquid Stranger is a must see for you. Catch him later this June as he lays down what I am sure will be an incredible set at such an incredible venue.

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