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Foundation Nightclub Set To Get A Brazilian With The Tropkillaz

Thursday, July 03, 2014
Matthew Jager

Like Latin vibes and trap music? The Tropkillaz may be just your thing. Hailing from the beautiful country of Brazil, the Tropkillaz have a unique style of trap that truly sets themselves apart from the crowd. Their tracks are dirty, explosive, and really get crowds going wherever they play. They are set to come destroy Foundation Nightclub in Seattle Washington on August 6th, and you can be sure I will be there.
(Free download on their Facebook)
I fell in love with their song "Filipino Chick" and have loved most of their other work as well. The Tropkillaz trap is refreshing and really has its own distinct sound and style. After missing their appearance at another Seattle club  last year, I will certainly not be making the mistake again this time around. There is a free before 11pm guest list sign up for those over 21 and interested in seeing some good trap this August. (ink below) Don't miss out what is sure to be an amazing night!

Free Before 11pm Guest List: Tropkillaz

Need a good mixtape to get your day going? Check out this one from the Tropkillaz.