Bring Forth The Dada!

Dada Life Returns To Seattle

Dada Life, one of the PNW’s favorites, is set to bring their full Dada Land Compound to Seattle on September 20th. The duo has been teasing a Seattle appearance for the past few months, and we now have the full details and event details thanks to USC Events.


Saturday September 20th at 7pm, Dada Life returns to make it rain bananas and champagne. The real question of this announcement is who will be joining the duo on their conquest of WAMU. With rumors of a massive show this summer featuring Destroid, Flux Pavillion, and Adventure Club at WAMU also this fall, could this be one legendary event featuring a wide cross genre cast of misfits? A Dada Life, Destroid, Flux, Adventure Club concert would be a dream come true for me personally but only time will tell who joins the crazy duo for their return to Seattle.


Let us hope that this all comes true and September 20th will go down in Seattle history as one of the best and craziest events ever held in our beautiful city. Only time will tell, but for now, grab your Aerosmith t-shirts, a bottle of champagne, and a large banana and prepare yourself for the Dada Land Complex!


Event information can be found on Facebook at the link below.

Dada Life Compound Seattle Event Information



Matthew Jager
From LA to Seattle, the West Coast has always been my home and I take great pride in the music scene we have here. Bass music is my first love, but in reality I love and appreciate all types of music...besides country. Let the music talk. You just have to be ready to listen.
Matthew Jager
- 22 hours ago
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