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USC Releases Freaknight 2014 Trailer / Phase 1 Lineup Date

Thursday, July 10, 2014

freaknight 2 Who doesn't love Halloween themed festivals? It gives the concert goers a great opportunity to dress up in crazy costumes, outfits and decorations to express themselves for only one night a year...well, that's actually just about every single show/festival everywhere, ever.  Nonetheless, one of the most anticipated Halloween themed festivals is back again for the 18th year; Freaknight. With only 3 months until Freaknight, USC has started to crank it up a notch by releasing the official Freaknight 2014 Trailer AND also announcing that they will be releasing the Phase 1 lineup for the artists next Thursday (July 17th).  With last year drawing in a tidal wave of "freaks" for the event spanning over 2 days, this year will also be a 2-day event and what I can imagine to be an equally (if not more) amazing lineup as last year. If the artist lineup isn't enough, there will also be all sorts of creepy carnival-themed rides and games for all concert-goers to play one.  So sit back, enjoy and watch a little sample of what USC has in store for all of us at the end of October.