Brooklyn’s Verboten is Ready to Take You Underground This Weekend

Looking for a place to dance this weekend? Want to go deep, deep underground? Look no further, Verboten is here for you!

July 18 – Subversions: Matthew Dear, Trus’me, Ryan Elliott, Migeul Senquiz, Will Calcutt and Jakub Alexander

DJ and producer Matthew Dear kicks off the second night of his residency at Verboten.  His music encompasses all genres from techno to electro to alternative. He’s taking the stage with Trus’me, Ryan Elliott, Miguel Senquiz, Will Calcutt and Jakub Alexander. The show starts at 11 PM and would imagine that it goes into the wee hours of the morning.

In the meantime, listen to his 2014 Sonar Festival set:

July 20 – Push The Night: Henry Saiz [DJ set] / King Unique / Seth Hosko

Madrid-native DJ and producer Henry Saiz is set to take the stage on Sunday night at the Brooklyn hot spot. Saiz has had a big year so far performing all over the world from Toronto to Buenos Aires, and his latest album Reality was released on June 16th. There is probably no better way to spend your Sunday night in New York. Head over to Verboten at 9 PM to go on a musical journey. 

But, if you just cannot wait till Sunday, here’s a taste of his latest: 

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