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Capitol Hill Block Party Artist Spotlight: Manatee Commune

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Matthew Jager

With a lot of upbeat, high energy performances set to grace the multiple stages of the Capitol Hill Block Party, one artist plans to slow it down a little. Grant Eadie, aka Manatee Commune, is set to bring his signature chillwave sound and style to Neumos on July 27th as part of the Red Bull Select stage. Manatee Commune has an absolutely mesmerizing sound  that takes listeners on a journey into the world of melodic music. His unique style of chillwave incorporates many live instruments including drums, guitar, the viola, and even wind chimes. I have always enjoyed the more relaxed melodic styles of electronic music, but not everyone does a good job of creating such beautiful soundscapes as Manatee Commune. His sounds are chilling and mysterious while at the same time they engage the listeners and really create a listening experience unlike any other. It is easy to get lost in his music and just zone out to it. His sets are beautifully crafted  and are extremely impressive with how he manages so many individual instruments at one time. Below you will find a video to one of his performances for local Seattle radio station KEXP. Make sure to catch Manatee Commune July 27th at the Capitol Hill Block Party. He is a master at his craft and will surely put on an amazing show for those wise enough to catch his performance. For more information on the Capitol Hill Block Party or on other artists attending check out the links below.

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