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SnowGlobe Releases First Phase Of Lineup: Music Lovers Rejoice

This past week SnowGlobe Music Festival revealed the first phase of the 2014 lineup, sending a flurry of fans scrambling buy tickets. You might ask, why is everyone losing their shit? Well, it's because 2014 may boast the best SnowGlobe lineup yet. Check it: 3aa4b5b4debab279bc004d55cbe0e90f-1200x1920 With massive headliners like Disclosure, Flume, Porter Robinson and Zedd, how can you resist buying tickets to dance your little heart out in this snowy paradise? Aside from the big names we're all used to seeing on festival lineups, there are many other artists that you should be equally (if not more) excited for. Personally, Justin Martin, Emancipator Ensemble, Trippy Turtle, Thomas Jack and The Floozies are a few of my 'must sees' on this lineup, and you'd be nuts to miss any of these amazingly talented acts. 979692117b4c4b5cd73a3c03b137119e-1280x853 One of my favorite parts of SnowGlobe Music Festival? The price tag. These days you can expect to drop at least $200 on a ticket alone. But with tickets selling for less than $200 right now, it makes your dream of attending a reality. And, because the fam at SnowGlobe are the shit, they're offering free three day tickets to those who are accepted into their SG Official Street Team. Spread the word on all things SnowGlobe 2014 and get a free ticket? Yeah, I think I could do that. To buy tickets, peep the lineup and learn more about the #SG14 Street Team check out their Facebook page and official website HERE. 56891b805c9e194a2d3e9a4e9e367cea-960x640

See you in the snow, my friends!