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Win Meet & Greet Tickets to Kill The Noise's Majestic as Fak Tour!!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Bass rocking producer Jake Stanczak aka Kill The Noise has had some seriously awesome releases that make even the hardest of bassheads squeal with joy. Tracks like "Saturn", "Dying", "Recess" (with Skrillex) and "Thumbs Up" have hit the tops of the dubstep charts and have had their fair share of time on the Beatport Top 100. Stanczak boasts collabs with Feed Me, Bro Safari, Brillz, GTA and many more, and is now taking off on his own tour this fall. majestic as fak The Majestic as Fak fall tour started a few days ago, and and KTN is bringing a few friends with him. Milo & Otis and Ape Drums will be joining Jake on the bill, ready to put a fire-breathing unicorn shooting lazers out of its eyeballs out of the running for the most “majestic as fak” thing we’ve ever seen. The tour hits the Northwest on October 17 in Seattle and October 18 in Spokane, and boy do we have a giveaway for you.

One lucky winner at either the Seattle or Spokane WA show will be having an exclusive Meet & Greet with Jake himself, score some Kill The Noise swag and get two tickets to one of the Washington shows of their choice!

How to Enter

I know all you bassheads are dying in anticipation as to how you enter this “majestic as fak” contest. Have a Twitter account? It’s easy. Just tweet out what you think makes Kill The Noise and his tour “majestic as fak” using the hashtag #otbMAFgiveaway and Jake (aka Mr. KTN) will choose his favorite answer and the contest winner! The options for what you choose that makes Kill The Noise so “majestic as fak” is up to you – it can be one of his songs that has a special meaning to you, it can be one of his music videos, one of his performances you’ve seen in the past, or even his awesome sense of humor (really, Jake’s a hilarious motherfucker, check out his Instagram, Twitter or even his Vine). [Tweet "#otbMAFgiveaway"] So let’s hear it, Washington OTBers. What makes Kill The Noise’s Majestic as Fak Tour…well, majestic as fak? Don’t want to meet Kill the Noise (liar, yes you do) or need more information on the tour? Check out the tour’s website for info, other cities, ticket prices and more.