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5 Songs We Wish DJs Would Drop at Freaknight Festival

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Matthew Jager

With DJs playing their newer music and more popular tracks in favor of their older music at live performances, I present the 5 songs that I hope to see dropped at Freaknight this year.  

Kaskade - Air Conditioned Eyes

Straying away from the classic Kaskade sound we know and love, the "Air Conditioned Eyes" remix pays so much tribute to the original while mixing it up with a cool sleek version of "Eyes." Because of its different nature, I hope above all else that Kaskade plays this version during his headlining set during Day 1.

Zeds Dead - You And I

Slowing it down from the duo's harder hitting dubstep tracks, "You And I" is a breathtaking song that is full of such raw emotion and passion. It does not get too much love these days in the electronic circuit, so I really hope to see Zeds Dead pay tribute to their roots.

Tiesto - Sanctificum

Although I really don't think there is much chance of it, I would love to see Tiesto play some of his older music, in particular "Sanctificum." It is one of my old loves and seeing Tiesto play and oldie but a goodie would be a nice treat for those attending his closing Day 2 set.

Nervo - Don’t Break My Heart

Though the sisters are known for their big room house and mainstream track sets, they have produced some really good tracks that don't get too much attention. "Don't Break My Heart" is the perfect example. It is a really sleek and sexy track with good deep bass lines and a very groovy vibe. It would really be a nice to see them take a deeper route during their set and mix things up with some deep house like "You And I."

Dillon Francis - ....well, pretty much anything going "one deeper"

If there is one thing Dillon Francis is good at doing, it is getting crowds to go nuts to his hard hitting, booty shaking "moombahcore" -esque dance music. Whether it be moobahton or trap, he can really set a tone for an amazing time. On top of all of that, his side productions as DJ Hanzel, the deep house loving champion of going One Deeper, are incredible. He has played a few tracks as Hanzel in the past, but I would love to see a really nice string of deeper Dillon tracks somewhere in his set. As he is coming on directly after Gareth Emery, I think there is a good chance we will see maybe a special opening set for Dillon Francis from the one and only DJ Hanzel. tumblr_mvr4v7IHmM1scyixoo1_500