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Todd Terry + Codes at Verboten 11.16 [FREE MIX DOWNLOAD]

Brooklyn’s Verboten Club is at it again this Sunday, hosting a lineup of quintessential New York producers primed to get the beat thumping and the dance floor moving, and we’re bringing you an exclusive mix to celebrate. The event will also feature live artwork and VJ performances to enhance the nostalgic New York vibe. To top all of this off, the show is totally free. (Except the booze. That’s still totally not free.) Signature New York sounds and influences are the focus of the night, and headliner Todd Terry is no exception. A New York dance legend for over 25 years, this Brooklyn born producer has an unmistakeable sound. Imbued with the aesthetic, instinct, and freedom that comes with the hip-hop movement, Terry was able to craft a truly unique style of house music. Drawing from classic funk, disco, and rock records, Terry crafts a one-of-a-kind beat, both familiar, yet distinctive. His latest track, “Feel the Melody” is a prime example of his style. Up next is a New York producer and Kill the Noise label mate, Codes. Codes, like his colleague Todd Terry, has developed a New York sound that goes so far as to be given a geographically specific moniker; Brooklyn Bounce. Integrating a variety of genres, Codes has produced an upbeat, updated, and fun-loving version of the 90’s house era. His album, eponymously named after the genre he has come to define, is the quintessential representation of Codes’ skills as a producer. [caption id="attachment_28444" align="alignright" width="300"]936476_10151741023966005_979713059_n Maurice Tamraz[/caption] Joining Todd Terry and Codes is Maurice Tamraz, veteran of J Paul Getto. J Paul Getto, known for their danceable beats infused with heartfelt emotion, set Maurice on the path to develop his own sound and newly founded label, Dark Side. Download his exclusive mix for the event to get a preview of the tunes he’ll be dropping this Sunday. To round out the event, Luka Son of Wolf will be going b2b with Free Radicals of the prolific DJ Collective, The Deep; Ant LaRock, a new artist on Todd's InHouse label, and Devon James, the curator of the event. As someone who didn’t grow up in New York or around house music for that matter, I know this event will not only show what the future of New York dance will be, but where it came from. With the experience and innovation this lineup brings, the accompaniment of art and visual performers, as well as the venue of Verboten, this is a night anyone hoping to be a true New Yorker won’t miss.