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Haywyre Announces The Two Fold Tour

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Building on a massive 2014, Haywyre is set to make 2015 go haywire as he opens the year on his first solo tour, The Two Fold Tour. Named after his EP released this past year, Haywyre (Martin Vogt) will be bringing his keyboarding skills as he traverses North America, beginning January 23rd.Haywyre Tour Announcement After joining Mat Zo on the Mad Zoo Winter Roadshow this year, Haywyre is set to turn the electronic genre upside down as he focuses on his performance, engaging his audience with his off the cuff ability opposed to driving the club environment that has been a staple of the industry as of late. His ability to improvise on the keyboard came from his jazz roots, which he is eager to show off on his upcoming tour. "If there's one aspect of my music career that I really want to explore a bit more heavily, it's my live performances. Playing the keyboard is not just a vital part of my production, but also my sets; I think it's important to showcase that quality. Not to mention, my jazz roots are mad at me for not playing out my licks live more often; It's not hard to see why I'm so excited about doing my first solo tour." If you haven’t seen what he can do on the keyboard, check out his rendition of “Smooth Criminal.” Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. You can tell watching the video, he has that “it” factor about him, which really gets me excited. When you see that in a producer, you can’t help but support them. [embed][/embed] Check out the tour dates and purchase your tickets now for Haywyre’s first solo tour. You can listen and download his EP, Two Fold Pt. 1, from his website, and keep an eye out for him in 2015. I predict that this guy is going to have a break out year.