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Indie Electronic Favorites Fill Sasquatch Festival's 2015 Lineup

I love everything about Sasquatch Music Festival. Call me biased as a Washingtonian, but there really isn't any other festival quite like it. After four consecutive years of Sasquatch, I took a year off in 2014 and I have to say, it's one of the bigger festival decisions I've made a mistake on. There's something to be said about the incredible lineup that exceeds my expectations year after year, and organizers know exactly what variety of each genre to put into the mix. As far as electronic artists go, I've seen some great performances at Sasquatch from Disclosure, Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner, to electronic-indie up-and-comers like Nobody Beats the Drum. The festival circuit went through a bit of a weird phase with the rise of electronic music in 2011. It seemed like organizers weren't sure what the right balance of rock and electronic would be, and their decisions received mixed reviews. Indie acoustic band fans were less than thrilled at the increase in dubstep DJs, but the ravers rejoiced. During those confusing years, there's something I loved about Sasquatch that had changed; it had lost its Indie roots within the electronic scene. I'm happy to say that this year, those are back. sasquatch 2015 lineup 2015's lineup brings an incredible crop of Indie/Electronic artists who stray away from the button-pressing, constantly high energy Progressive House sets and create their own unique sound. Whether you're looking for something more Disco or Glitch Hop, Sasquatch will have it all. Here's our list of artists to check out at The Gorge this Memorial Day Weekend:


There's nothing bad to be said about Flume. His skyrocketing rise to fame within the past 3 years has astounded everyone, and with even more incredible releases from his (shortlived) collaborative effort in What So Not, Flume has stayed at the top of our radar. When and where: Friday @ Bigfoot from 12-1:30a  


The catchy disco hits from duo Chromeo makes them a perfect addition to Sasquatch's lineup. With well-known hits like "Jealous," they'll attract a wide range of audience members during their set on the main stage. When & where: Saturday @ Sasquatch from 7:15-8:15p

Hot Chip

Hot Chip also ranks at one of my top more disco-y electronic artists, always applying a great use of instrumentals to set that will be as energetic as it is dreamy. The latest release "Huarache Lights" gives us a little taste of the tunes we'll be hearing as he closes out the Bigfoot stage. When & where: Monday @ Bigfoot from 12-1:30a


I've seen SBTRKT at Sasquatch in the past, and his performance was nothing short of legendary. With heavy basslines and sultry lyrics peppering many of his tracks, there will definitely be a lot of swaying back and forth during this set. When & where: Sunday @ Bigfoot from 12-1:30a


This Seattle-based duo is finally getting their time in the sun at The Gorge this year, performing a late night set that I'm positive will have everyone leaving Modeset Mouse early to catch. Their latest album, In Return blew to the top of the charts with all tour dates almost completely sold out, and I'm glad that these two will be playing at a festival that they were once attendees. When & where: Saturday @ El Chupacabra from 11:45-1a


Kaytranada is your go-to when looking for sultry beats. Known for his heavy bass and crooning vocalists, he'll be the perfect pre-Flume set to get you in the dancing mood. When & where: Friday @ El Chupacabra from 10:30-12a


The best accompaniment to an awesome Indie Electronic artist is an awesome vocalist. The duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid is most well known for their hit "I Know You Like It" but their vibey R&B tunes like "Superstar" and "Just a Touch" from their full-length album Body Music will have you running to find a dance partner (or makeout buddy). When & where: Friday @ El Chupacabra from 9-10p


The first time I'd ever heard of Rustie was after hearing Flume's edit of his track "Slasherr" and after exploring more of his music, I was hooked. With glitchy influences and some of the most impressive sound samples I've ever heard, you'll be putting your party pants on for this set. Take a listen to his track with rapper Danny Brown, I guarantee you'll be bobbing your head. When & where: Sunday @ El Chupacabra from 8:30-9:30p

Slow Magic

If SBTRKT had a twice-removed, mask-wearing 2nd cousin, it'd be Slow Magic. Magical, flowy tunes are what he specializes in, and they really will take you to a place that's something special. His latest album release, How To Run Away seriously impressed everyone on our staff, and I'm looking forward to catching him live for the first time. When & where: Monday @ El Chupacabra from 8:30-9:30p

Bonus: Madeon & Glitch Mob

If you're looking for some electronic music that's a little more upbeat, these are your obvious picks. The Glitch Mob is heading back into the festival circuit with a successful tour in 2014, and Madeon's latest album Adventure is set to be one of the very best of the young artist's music career. When & where: Both @ El Chupacabra from 11:30-1a, Madeon on Sunday and The Glitch Mob on Monday

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