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Going To Lighting in a Bottle? You Should Read This.

Thursday, May 07, 2015
Christina Hernandez

EEEEEEEP!!! Ok, now that we're done squealing with excitement over how close this year's edition of Lightning in a Bottle is, it's time to get down to business. Led by a team of LiB veterans, we here at Only The Beat have put together this little guide to assist with festival preparation activities.

First off, Lightning in a Bottle is bigger than ever this year.

Lightning in a Bottle           It's 2015, and The DoLab is really stepping up its game this year. So much so that this is the first year where tickets are set to sell out. Therefore, if you've been slacking on buying your tickets, now is the time to buy them! It doesn't come as a surprise that tickets are set to sell out this year. Let's be real; that lineup is not a chump lineup. Additionally, with even more features added and an updated sound system, it's set to be one heck of a transformational festival experience!  

What new stuff can we expect to see?

After taking careful consideration of festival reviews from prior years, the DoLab staff has added some beneficial features to this year's festival layout. Here are some key changes that have been announced over the past few months:

The Thunder Stage

Introducing the Thunder Stage! Designed to enhance more shade and loaded with an updated sound systems, this stage will be Bass music's new home at the festival. Additionally, the stage is bigger as well! Are you ready to have your mind and ears blown? We are.
Lightning in a Bottle

Improved Festival Infrastructure

Don't worry, Lightning veterans, the staff has heard you loud and clear. Were you annoyed at all the dust last year? Well don't worry because this year the grounds will be moistened so dust exposure will be minimized. Additionally, bridges have been added throughout the venue to make its many hills easier. Last but not least, camping layout has been changed as well to make the festival more accessible to the different camping spots. We're definitely happy about that update!

More Ways to Keep Cool

As many of you have noticed, the venue got insanely hot last year and there was virtually no natural shade. This year, LiB is prepared. With more shady areas places around the festival and increased water station, keeping cool should be far easier than last year.   [caption id="attachment_32769" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Lightning in a Bottle
A hydrated festival-goer is a happy one!

So, what should I bring?

Good question! Check out our list of recommendations below: CLOTHING: Costumes are highly encouraged; the crazier the better. According to inside sources, LiB is where you can see some of the wackiest festival attire, so hold nothing back and express yourself! Other than that, temperatures are at both extremes in Bradley so aside from hot weather clothes, bring a solid coat or sweatshirt that you can wear at night when the shivers kick in. HYDRATION: This should be obvious by now, but just in case - bring a Camelbak or a reusable water bottle if you have one! Those lovely free water stations aren't gonna drink themselves. Reduce your risk of heat-stroke or heat exhaustion and drink up! SHADE FOR YOUR CAMP: "Easy-Ups" or any other kind of shade-providing material is highly encouraged. As there is no natural shade to shield your campsite from the sun, gear like this is essential for festival survival. GOOD VIBES: Lightning in a Bottle has constantly been referred to as one of the most friendly, communal environments of all the festivals. People come to the festival with an open mind and a willingness to heal as a person, so you should too. Leave your anger at home, and please don't be like festival douches who start mosh pits or run each other over trying to push to the front of the crowd.  

And lastly....

Be safe. Is it really possible to say this enough? Create a buddy system with your friends, stay hydrated and cool, rest when you're tired, and don't put too many diuretic chemicals in your system. If you happen to be bringing any Schedule 1 substances with you, please test before you ingest. Know what you're putting in your body, the risks associated with it, and research how to consume safely. A little bit of self-education leads to a world of safety!  

Now you're ready to go!

We hope you all found this guide to be pretty useful. Prepare yourself for one of the funnest events of 2015, because this year's LiB is here to knock your socks off! In case you're still on the edge of whether or not to become an attendee, watch this video below: