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How Mysteryland USA Breeds Creativity, Pushing Boundaries of Its Fairytale World

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bethel Woods, NY. The original stomping grounds of the fabled Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Where 400,000 music lovers of all ages dropped their daily lives for three days of peace, music, and escape. It was where everyone was included and no one excluded. It’s one of the first inspirations for the PLUR movement in EDM culture, and helped develop the carefree mindset that spawned the electronic music scene in the 80s and 90s. EDM has changed since then. The idea of peace, love, unity, and respect still thrives in rave culture, but with clubs paying DJs millions of dollars to play at their venues, there has become circuit of exclusive events that only the highest bidder and popular crowd can attend. It has bled into some festivals as well now with VIP sections and mass celebrity attendance. Despite this current plague of exclusivity growing into areas it shouldn’t, festivals like Mysteryland USA that are keeping the positive spirit of the musical alive and thriving. Mysteryland USA made the trek from its humble forest in Holland to expand the festival into the booming USA market. What people might think of as just another festival, Mysteryland is actually a reminder of what festivals are based upon - culture, music and arts. Its the freedom and self-expression that Mystyerland USA promotes that is truly the spectacle in its entire aura. Its festivals like these that are pulling people away from the oversaturated, mainstream festivals that were founded upon the principles of EDM. Mysteryland USA brings together a roster with acts that have played at all the majors, but the event's taste-making and curation abilities are ones to truly be in awe of. The return back to the farm is saving dance music from itself. Its the next step in the scene’s evolution. No, everyone will not be attending the Bethel Woods farm in the future but it will hit people in the face and tell them to wake up because this is what dance music was founded on. The music of the 80s and 90s was not founded on bottle service, huge stage productions, and who can have the highest pay check. It was founded on the music, the people, the arts, and the culture that pull people together into one unison location. This is what Mysteryland USA looks to bring back into the modern electronic dance music scene. In case you missed it, Mysteryland USA released the set times earlier this week. Check them out and start making your schedule for the epic Memorial Day Weekend. If you don't already have a ticket, pick yours up here.