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We reached out to you and asked for your can't miss Paradiso sets and this is what you said. This edition brought to you by Kimberly Powell, Jarrod Misner, Stephen Schreck, Shane McKenna, and Chase Baechler. We still want to hear from you! Send us a message with the five sets you'll be at no matter what and a sentence or two on why for each and we might include you in a future post!

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kimberly p


Kimberly Powell (Portland, Oregon)

  1. Ilan Bluestone - I mean I did fly to New York to see him at ABGT100...and he hasn't been to the PNW why would I miss him so close to home?!
  2. Skrillex - The first time I saw Skrillex was in the gorge at Sasquatch. He absolutely killed it back then and I can't wait to hear him drop dirty vibe.
  3. Dash Berlin - "Steal You Away" The Gorge...hopefully during sunset (even though it's a sunrise song...)
  4. TJR - Because I need some bounce.
  5. Knife Party - When I think of Knife Party I think of "Internet Friends" at sunset during Paradiso the first year, so it's only right to have to see them this year!



Jarrod Misner (Seattle, Washington)

  1. Galantis - "Peanut Butter Jelly" is my jam! I love the meanings behind the songs.
  2. Yellow Claw - I love the style that they play and it always pumps me up.
  3. Knife Party - Last time i saw them was at Resolution 2014 and I didn't know who they were. This time I do and I can properly see them and know the tunes.
  4. Zomboy - Put on a great show at Lucky and its always a good time to see him.
  5. Big Gigantic - I listen to Big Gigantic all the time in the car. I was afraid I wasn't going to see them this year and I'm so happy I get to hear that brass.



Stephen Schreck (Seattle, Washington)

  1. Armin van Burren - He has proved himself so many times with deep, yet up lifting trance and mixes in so many artists most people don't know.
  2. Ilan Bluestone - Anjunabeats! He keeps the crowd engaged with fast paced melodies, positive undertones and fresh sounds.
  3. Alesso -  Every song he makes is great and he has a new album.
  4. Knife Party - Although I'm not a huge fan of dubstep, I've listened to their new album sooo many times at the gym I can't wait to rage.
  5. Dash Berlin - He has made so many good songs over the years and although I haven't listened to him consistently, every time I do I'm happy.

shane m


Shane McKenna (Boise, Idaho)

  1. Galantis - They have been putting out some amazing stuff, the vocals on everything they do are spot on, and have an album coming out right before Paradiso.
  2. Skrillex - Please just watch his Ultra set (at least until he brought Diplo went downhill from there).
  3. Yellow Claw - Jesus Christ, they drop some hard shit. Should be awesome live.
  4. Armin van Buuren - I mean, its Armin combined with a setting like The Gorge...what could be better? Hoping he gets a sunset slot, which is likely since he plays in Las Vegas at ten.
  5. Metrik - If you haven't checked him He is up there as one of the best DJs right now.



Chase Baechler (Kirkland, Washington)

  1. Skrillex - He killed it at Snowglobe this year and he is the man who sucked me into the EDM scene, making him a must see for me.
  2. Zomboy - This guy goes sooo hard! He's my favorite DJ and welcomed back to Paradiso after last year!
  3. Yellow Claw - I was so stoked when they got announced for Freaknight! Bummed that it got canceled but there is redemption in the air for the trap kings at The Gorge!
  4. Doctor P b2b Funtcase - This is going to be nuts. 'Nuff said!
  5. Snails - This lineup is bass heaven and I'm looking forward to Snails destroying The Gorge!

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