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5 Things Before You Head Off To Paradiso

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Erik Skoog

We made it, everyone. Paradiso 2015 is finally here. We've all spent days and weeks and months planning our costumes and coordinating campsites and listening up on all of the 67 artists that will be at the Gorge this weekend. And now it's time for all of that preparation to pay off. But before we all pile in our caravans and make the trek across the state, here are a few last thoughts from us at Only The Beat and USC Events to make sure that everyone has the best and safest weekend possible.


First and foremost, the heat is going to be brutal. Anyone joining me on the struggle bus from EDC last weekend can confirm exactly how uncomfortable it is dancing in 100+ degree weather, and that was when it was 11:00 at night. Being out during the day, the sun is going to completely change things. [caption id="attachment_33749" align="aligncenter" width="783"]whyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyy[/caption] It's on us. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves. That means drinking A LOT of water, actually getting some sleep, wearing sunscreen, staying in the shade, taking breaks from dancing, and taking it easy on the alcohol and drugs. And please remember to eat. Eat something more than granola bars the whole weekend. If you happen to have slacked off on planning meals for the weekend, ask your neighbor. Between Freaknight and Spring Awakening and most recently at EDC Las Vegas, we don't need to hear another heartbreaking story of one of our family passing away. And this starts with you. It's starts with you taking personal responsibility for your own safety and it starts with you taking care of everyone around you. Pay attention and check in on people you see sitting by themselves. Share some water, talk to them for a minute or two, and remember that the Conscious Crew is there for you. It only takes a minute and can make all the difference in the world. IF SOMEONE NEEDS HELP, GET THEM HELP. I cannot stress this enough. I know that there might be a hesitation because we don't want to be held legally responsible or we don't want to "get someone else in trouble," but it's imperative to put those thoughts out of your mind. There are laws in place to protect those who help others. Remember to keep the bigger picture in mind. Our good friends over at Dance Music Northwest just put out a great piece on how to be safe in the sun this weekend.


The big question on everyone's mind surrounds that nightmare of a line situation we all experienced last year. After cavity searches from overly-handsy security to being forced to throw out kandi to three hour waits during the hottest part of the day, people took to social media after the festival was over and made their voices heard.   And the short answer is expect good things. Between better trained security, tents providing shade over the waiting area, bag-free lines, Conscious Crew members keeping an eye on us while we're waiting, everything is going to be better. Ultimately, USC really does listen carefully to our reactions and act accordingly. They absolutely want to make sure we keep coming back. The lines during Freaknight 2012 and the lines during Freaknight 2013 were a night and day change. Keep in mind though that there are roughly 25,000 people trying to get into the festival. A little bit of waiting is unavoidable, but with the right adjustments on USC's behalf and the right preparation on ours, it shouldn't be that bad at all. You can find the full post here on on the Paradiso website.

3. USC 101

In addition to the post updating us on the progress they've made on getting us through line, USC Events has put A LOT of work into getting us prepared. Be sure to check out their packing list, artist info, a run down on the festival attractions, their adventure set planner, and much more on the Paradiso website. For the first time ever, they've also developed a mobile app. Make sure you download it before you leave tomorrow! The following features are included:
  • Create your own schedule and set reminders to make sure you catch your favorite DJ's set.
  • Receive Up to the minute new alerts, or schedule changes sent directly to your device
  • Create community and post directly to THE app through twitter, instagram, and Facebook
  • Get answers to FAQs
  • Utilize the map so you always find your way
  • Find vendors, merch, free water stations, bathrooms, and more.
  • Descriptions of art installations and rides
  • VIP, camping, & locker info.
  • Health & Safety details
  • Conscious Crew & The message
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="621"] there's an app for that[/caption]


Cell service at the Gorge is spotty at best. T-Mobile users, I feel your pain. There have been supposedly some towers put up that should make everything a little easier and more consistent, but don't rely on phone calls, texts, or Facebook to stay connected. Make a plan with your friends beforehand and stick to it. Come up with a meeting place where you can rendesvouz before you leave for the night, as well as a spot where you will all go to take breaks. This way you can hopefully check in with every periodically. Don't be the reason that everyone else gets worried. You can always bring that girl you're hanging out with back to meet your friends first. On a separate note, don't hesitate to take down people's numbers, Facebook info, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on when you meet! You can always connect on social media when you have service again.

5. Three Big Tips from Gabe Ossa

We recently sat down with Gabe Ossa, coordinator behind the Conscious Crew. If you haven't met Gabe or anyone else from the conscious crew before, make sure to take some time out of your weekend to speak with some of them. This is a dedicated team of incredibly selfless individuals who gladly spend their weekend making sure that everyone is staying safe and happy. 1.) BRING COMFY SHOES AND WARM CLOTHES. Yes, it's going to be way too hot during the day, but the temperatures at the Gorge drop significantly as soon as the sun goes down. Just as you may not notice how hot and sweaty and dehydrated you've gotten during the day or dancing around, it's going to have an adverse situation at night. The cold will hit you quickly as soon as you leave the crowd and the body heat.You also need shoes that you can walk miles in. Whether walking from the campground or moving from stage to stage, you're covering a lot more ground than you would expect and the Gorge is on an incline. Prepare for the night before you go. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="307"] cute, but maybe something more sturdy[/caption] You can take my grandmothers advice of "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." 2.) HYDRATION. Beyond the obvious of drinking plenty of water while you're dancing and while you're sweating in the heat, it's important to remember that hydration takes days, so hopefully you have all been drinking plenty of water prior to this weekend. When you dance and sweat and move around, you are going to be depleting more than just water. Gatorade or some sort of electrolyte supplement is going to be key. You can buy dissolvable tablets at a lot of sporting goods stores that not only keep you hydrated, but also focus on getting your nutrients back up to where they should be. 3.) HAVE A PLAN. Make sure that you spend some time coordinating the weekend with your friends. Spontenatiy is fun and and flexibility is obviously a big part of what makes a festival interesting, but there still needs to be general communication. What stages are you going to be at, what time are you going to leave, where is the meet up point when you arrive/leave/are taking a break, what do you do when someone doesn't come back to the campsite. Make sure that people aren't going off on their own. Make sure that if you see anyone standing or sitting by themselves you check in a make sure that they're okay.


As a closing note, Gabe wanted to mention how excited he was for everyone to see what Paradiso has to offer, promising that this was going to be the biggest festival USC has put on so far. All right, everyone. Be safe on the drive over and I am so ready to make my return to paradise. If you see the doge totem, come over and dance with me! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="403"] wOw.[/caption]