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The Electric Sounds of Bumbershoot [spotify playlist!]

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Erik Skoog

The first time I went to Bumbershoot was back in 2003. Man, that was a killer lineup. Modest Mouse, The Shins, R.E.M. American Hi-Fi, man. Damn, that song was so cool. But as far as DJs go, I checked out an archive on the lineup and really didn't recognize any names other than Donald Glaude. It was just a different kind of music scene back then. Pop punk had a couple of good years left. Indie rock was sort of on it's way up. Electronic music was pretty much still all referred to as 'techno' and the EDM scene of today was far from even being near anyone's radar.
Since then the electronic scene has been no stranger to Seattle's flagship music festival. Skrillex, Afrojack. Beats Antique. Even Kaskade made an appearance way back in 2004. Good luck explaining that one to 15 year old me. Fast forward a decade and the majority of the headlining artists are somehow centered around the electronic scene And this year, USC only continues to step up their game. Here's a sample of what the weekend will have to offer, from the mainstage electro of Zedd to the musicbox charm of RAC to the...well, to Bassnectar.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="631"]just bassnectar things Seriously, how do you not love this guy?[/caption]
Bumbershoot has always had an exceptional focus on variety. There's a lot to be explored over the three days, even outside of the electronic scene. I know, sometimes it's easy to forget about that there's other music out there. But we'll start you out with a playlist of some of your featured DJs and electronic acts making appearances over Labor Day Weekend. If dance festivals are a place for you to discover other DJs, Bumbershoot is the place for you to discover everything. Don't limit yourself to one stage, one style, or even one form of media. From music to movies to stand up to art, there's plenty to take in and three days is a surprisingly long time to explore. Keep your ear to the ground. We'll release more treats as the weekend approaches.