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Things to Remember Before A Camping Festival, The Backwoods Edition

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

With less than 2 weeks until Backwoods Music Festival, excitement is in the air around Tatanka Ranch and all the workers and attendees as they mentally and physically prepare for the festival happening over Labor Day weekend. Stages are finishing being built; attendees are buying up the latest rave gear while artists are in the studio putting the final touches on their sets before unleashing them to the public. If you are like me and find your brain scattered about waiting for September 4th, check out some tips below to help make Backwoods experience one to remember.

1. Packing

packing suitcase Backwoods Festival Amongst the crazy rave tanks, tutus, booty shorts and spirit hoodies, there are a couple things you may want to remember before you head out to Tatanka Ranch. DO NOT FORGET to bring a rain jacket, poncho and sweatshirt. If you haven’t been to Oklahoma, you have to understand that the weather is the definition of ADD and ADHD. The current forecast looks normal with 90s as the highs and 60s as the lows with a 20% chance of rain. What that really means is… one day it’s going to rain with a high in the mid 80s, two days it will be blistering hot and one day it will be cooler. You might want to wear shoes that you are okay with never wearing again. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen. You will be exposed to the elements and in wooded areas, so bring the spray-on screens. Make sure to purchase some gear while you’re there from the many vendors there. Check out On Cue Apparel for a sample of what’s going to be in store. Download the Packing List for Backwoods and check off the list.

2. The Backwoods App

Backwoods festival picture “There’s an app for that,” is the common saying these days, and festivals are no different. What started out as mass hysteria around poles and signs of set times has become an easy tap away with the app for the festival. Backwoods went all out for this app, and it’s definitely worth the download. A festival map, schedule creator, vendor drop down list, social media connections and a radio all are crammed into this free app essential for any attendee. Schedule out your day for artists and share it through Twitter and Instagram to meet up with new people. Hungry? Check out the food vendors in the Experience section. Lost? Check out the festival map to find your way back to your tent or closest stage. Download the App now.

3. DanceSafe

DanceSafe logoEven if you’ve been living under a rock, everyone has heard about deaths related to either drug or alcohol abuse. While Backwoods doesn’t allow drugs into the grounds, it’s a sure thing that some will slip past the security. If you do imbibe in either alcohol or drugs, please be safe about what you are taking and how much. Backwoods, unlike other festivals (cough… Electric Forest… cough,) is proud to bring in DanceSafe, the public health organization dedicated to promoting health and safety in the electronic music community. The organization will have a tent set-up with access to many services to keep you safe during the festival. I would advise anybody that happens to take anything to have DanceSafe test it so that you can be more informed about what you are ingesting into your body. Along with DanceSafe, Backwoods has also partnered with Libation Hydration to provide FREE WATER for all festival attendees. Forget the 24 pack of plastic water bottles at WalMart, grab your Camelbak or water bottle and help save the planet by using the free water stations at the festival. Stay hydrated throughout the day, and make sure to thank Backwoods for the amount of effort they are putting towards making your festival that much better.

4. Explore The Music Music head Backwoods Music Festival

By now, you've probably looked over the lineup multiple times trying to figure out where you should be to see every artist. We all know that the mainstage is going to be packed for Porter Robinson, Odesza, Keller Williams, The Floozies and Infected Mushroom. While at Backwoods, try to look beyond the Mainstage and the well-known acts and explore the world of music at Tatanka Ranch. With 6 stages and live music from noon until 3 am, there are over 90 hours worth of music to listen to each day! I challenge you to experience a set at each stage of an artist that you have never heard before. Maybe PhuturePhil with his all encompassing electronic set at the Meadow at 5:15 on Friday, or Morgan Ganem on Saturday at 11:00 in The Meadow or CBDB at the Kumbaya Stage on Sunday at 5:30. Backwoods has done an amazing job at creating a lineup that features many different styles of music from artists well known to artists playing at your local club or bar. Let us know who you see and enjoy yourself.

5. Forget your Daily Life

night landscape picture Backwoods I don’t know about you but the monotony of normal life seems to suck the life out of me. The consistent waking up early, going to work, coming home to only repeat the process the next day steals the life inside all of us. With the festival happening over Labor Day, everyone is guaranteed a day off on Monday, so enjoy the four-day weekend to the fullest. Forget about that meeting you have on Tuesday, or that dreadful paper you have to write for school. Festivals are your chance to escape deadlines and normal life to enjoy the daydreams of perfection we all have. Don’t be the normal you, talk to strangers, laugh with friends, cry with them too, dance like no one is watching and enjoy the nature in front of you. Tweet about your experience but don’t be confined by technology. Be social with the people around you. Pack well, be prepared, DanceSafe, love the music and most of all forget your daily life. Backwoods is here to give you a great time, so “Carpe Diem,” “YOLO,” live in the moment, etc. Life is too short to not enjoy what is around you. Take a step back, forget the main road and enjoy your time at Backwoods Music Festival. Leave a comment below with who/what you’re most excited for at Backwoods. Who am I going to see there?