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Mioli at Monarch SF

Friday, February 19, 2016

Did you ever get that 'Truman Show' feeling that you were the butt of some sick joke on a massive scale that you're not privy to? I am starting to develop the sneaking suspicion that nobody ever comes to my shows to hear me play music. Instead, there's a secret society that hands out prizes to people who come party with me and are left standing in one piece with all of their limbs attached. Even my best friend refers to me as a "beautiful disaster." If my conspiracy theory turns out to be true, then the Mioli Music people are hiding a trophy somewhere in one of their houses. I am determined to find it. I met Emily and Nate of Emanate (see what they did there?) while we were all playing together at the Coco Maya Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen during BPM Festival this year. They played incredibly well, kept right up with my don't-give-a-fuck, hard-partying ways, and generally were a blast to be around. So when I decided that I'd had enough of Chicago's brutal winter and elected to camp out in San Francisco until Sundress Season returns to the windy city, I made it a point to reach out immediately. "Come play with us at Monarch," they said. It'll be fun, they said. I think you can see where I'm going with this. If you are anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, you need to get your butts over to Monarch tonight. It's a lesser of two evils really. If you come out tonight, you're going to hate your life tomorrow morning. If you don't come out tonight, you're going to hate your life forever. I go on at nine. Entry is five bucks. Nobody cares what you wear. If you're out of town, the whole thing is going to be live streamed on the OTB homepage. SEE YOU SOON! 0001 Oh hey! I should probably tell you a little bit about the lineup. Nathan Cabreana has been mixing since 2001. His music has taken the Madison, Wi native all over the world, including a year long stint in Cabo, MX, where he had the privilege of playing the grand opening of Nikki Beach. Currently, he can be found most often playing the Gratitude parties in East Oakland. In terms of sound, Nathan walks the line between deep, minimal, and tech house that is all the rage with the underground at the moment. emanate_7Mioli Music (Move It Or Lose It) founders, Emily and Nate, began playing together as Emanate in 2010 and it hasn't been a dull moment since. In 2013, Kollektiv Turmstrasse charted their remixes of Lily Ackerman’s “Africa” in addition to their remix of Tr­Ack’s “Stay” on Resident Advisor. In 2014, the duo took a pilgrimage to Berlin to build on the previous year's success. Their efforts did not go unnoticed, as their debut album, Alliance, was featured in a number of music magazines, websites, and blogs. Their follow up EP “Through It / Switchiz,” has only built on their success. I could go into detail about their sound, but that's probably not necessary since you can just hear them tonight. If you absolutely must have a preview, however, check them out on beatport.