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USC Events Announces 2nd Gorge Show "Magnifique"

Saturday, July 02, 2016
Erik Skoog

It's pronounced mag-ni-FEEK. In one of the cooler ways I've seen a lineup revealed, USC Events announced it's second annual festival at The Gorge Amphitheater that will closing out the summer. The details for the event were spray painted on the graffiti art wall during Paradiso weekend in June, with an official website and Facebook page appearing over the next few days. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and honestly how could it not be? [caption id="attachment_38189" align="aligncenter" width="606"]mag tag "Wait, does that say 'Kaskade?'" - everyone at Paradiso on Saturday | Photo Credit: Kevin Brost[/caption] On September 17th Kaskade, Chromeo, Duke Dumont, Netsky, Mija, Giraffage, Branchez, and Seattle darling Justin Hartinger, will all be making a one night appearance at one of the most beautiful venues in the world. Kaskade has listed his last Paradiso experience in 2013 as one of his favorite moments of the year. I have to say that I agree with him. Tickets for the event go on sale Saturday, July 9th; and for those of you dying to know a little bit more information, here are some details from Aaron Silverstien and Justin Marine of USC Events.
What is Magnifique and what inspired it? How long has it been in the works? AS: Magnifique is a new experience we are bringing to the gorge. It was inspired by the idea that summer comes to an end right around that time and we wanted to create a new experience to fit that time of year! We originally had the idea early last year, however decided to wait to throw the event until this year to make sure it would be as incredible as we all dreamed it would be! How is Magnifique different from Paradiso? AS: Magnifique is going to be considered a concert experience rather than a festival. We want more of the focus to be on the music and less about the intense stimulation a festival brings. It will be a festival cultured concert if that makes sense, whereas Paradiso is most definitely a music festival. What went into to selecting the artists for Magnifique? What sort of theme or ambiance is USC going for? JM: We spent a lot of time trying to figure out a lineup that was unique. Artists that we knew our audience would love to see at a single stage show at the Gorge. A lineup that also had some live elements to it. We want this show to be different than Paradiso. That’s how the artists were chosen. [caption id="attachment_38192" align="aligncenter" width="702"]that hill gets an A+ for napping Photo Credit: Kevin Brost[/caption] The reveal for the event is probably one of the cooler ways I've seen a lineup announced. How did you decide to take that approach and what was the response surrounding it? AS: Thank you! Magnifique has always felt like a truly special project for us, so we were excited for the opportunity of unveiling it in a cool way. We racked our brains and decided what better place to do it than our home away from home, Paradiso. We loved the response over the weekend. People started to figure out something was up and we were able to sneak the artists on to the painting, as well which only added to the excitement that "something new was coming." Very pleased with the response. JM: We just thought it be really cool to casually announce a new show at Paradiso. We knew that our audience for the show would be in attendance so it just made sense to announce it at Paradiso. A lot of thought was put into the announcement and it was great to see it all unfold in front of our eyes.  What kind of things should we expect from the weekend? JM: Don't expect it to be like Paradiso! We want people to come end there summer the right way. Bring your friends, bring a blanket, bring your smile and come enjoy some good music on the hill! You'll have one more chance to enjoy the incredible sunset at the Gorge.  [caption id="attachment_38190" align="aligncenter" width="669"]mag sunset Gorge-ous. | Photo Credit: Kevin Brost[/caption] I loved the inclusion of things like yoga and the silent disco at Paradiso. It gave people options to do something outside of listen to music if they needed a break. Any plans for things like this at Magnifique? AS: I can say it's definitely not out of the question! We were stoked to bring those parts of the experience to the table at Paradiso. One still my heart. Why did USC decide to take this route? What does this mean in terms of production and capacity? AS: We wanted the focus to be on the beautiful environment this year. The production will reflect that as well, we will make sure it looks incredible but also fuses with the natural elements of The Gorge as well! Capacity will be a bit less than Paradiso but with only one stage you will not notice. First Bliss, now Magnifique...sounds like USC has been very busy recently. Anything else we should be excited about in the future? AS: We may have a few more treats up our sleeves ;) Let's hear some event details! What are the hours for the event? Camping information? When do tickets go on sale? How much will they cost? AS: Magnifique will run from 2:00pm-1:30am (same hours as Paradiso). Camping will be available Friday night, through Sunday. GA, Premiere, Terrace, and Gold will all be available. It will cost less than Paradiso camping due to less days! Tickets (and camping) will go on sale Saturday July 9th. We will be releasing pricing tiers, VIP, and camping prices in the days leading up to the on sale!
Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, take a look at our Spotify playlist featuring Magnifique's lineup.
  [caption id="attachment_38191" align="aligncenter" width="630"]so pretty! One more picture for good measure. | Photo Credit: Kevin Brost[/caption]