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All Day I Dream Returns to LA for New Year's Day

Monday, December 26, 2016
Dawn Runge

All Day I Dream parties - brainchild of techno legend Lee Burridge - have become the standard to which other multi-city singular events strive towards since 2011. ADID was one of the first parties of my generation that created an event not only about the DJ, but about the environment and feel as a whole. The demand for that holistic experience spread, with Burridge bringing the party to anchor cities across the world. He also regularly introduces new talent and experiments with new international locations fitting with his vision. adid-2 As the name implies, All Day I Dream focuses on dreamy day-time events. Low-stress, no bad vibes. The event always draws a crowd looking for a higher state of consciousness, or at least a dance floor where an accidental bump would lead to a gracious apology. It is an opposition to the peacock-rager-neon-candy-weekend crews. If you are at ADID, its almost certain your love affair with melody has at some time brought tear to your eye. For some sharpened on a harder stone, ADID can feel a bit too pretty. Pretty people talking about pretty things in a pretty environment with pretty feelings....but with the state of the world, can you blame our scene's most sensitive souls with wanting to remind themselves that there are things good and beautiful? [caption id="attachment_39221" align="aligncenter" width="650"]All Day I Dream parties are known for their colorful, dreamy aesthetic. All Day I Dream parties are known for their colorful, dreamy aesthetic.[/caption] On the most hopeful of days - January 1 - I can't think of a better place to reflect on what you want from the next year of your life. This upcoming New Year's edition of ADID features a new venue in Los Angeles - The Gin Ling Way on Chinatown's artistic east side. The journey starts at 1 pm and goes until 9 pm, with All Day I Dream residents Hoj, Gorje, and Izhevski joining Burridge on the decks. Tickets are available here - and I do recommend getting a jump on those presale tickets, as these events are known to sell out.

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