Party Thieves and QUIX Are Back At It Again

As soon as The Game and Skrillex dropped ‘El Chapo’ I know that there would be TONS of remixes would follow but now the remix we have all been waiting for […]

Mansions on the Moon & BLVD Hit I-5

LA’s genre melting trio Mansions on the Moon and the Bay Area’s electro-rock duo BLVD take to the 405 and the 5 this coming weekend with a mini tour that […]

Mainstage is Brian Austin ’s Wildest Dream

Welcome to Brian Austin’s Wildest Dreams. No, it’s not a remix of Taylor Swift’s radio hit, it’s a new original from newcomer Brian Austin featuring vocals from Nicole Camarro. A […]

OLWIK Shows Musical Talent With Avicii Cover

OLWIK‘s name has been mentioned a few times on OTB before with amazing remixes of tracks like ‘Glorious‘ and ‘Shake The Earth‘, but he still may not be a name […]

Sharps and Hartinger Show Their “Religion”

For a while now you have heard us here at Only The Beat talk about the up-and-coming trap artist from Seattle, Sharps. We’ve covered everything from his remixes, to an […]