“Regret” from Hegemon mainstay OBESØN

Dark skies, clouds drawing near and perhaps a little rain. Somber weather is reflective, makes us look at ourselves. What we’ve done or not done. Who we’ve met or not […]

Mashup Monday (ft. Kap Slap, Koyote, and More!)

Hello again, everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Mashup Monday! Unfortunately I can’t spend too much time talking here due to the immense amounts of studying I am doing […]

#TBT: Digital Freedom – Gramatik

As I was perusing through my old sound cloud likes, searching for the perfect throw back to compliment your week, I found one of my favorite albums of all time, #TBT: Digital […]

Chainsmokers finally back to their old ways?

Back to their old ways? What do you mean, Daniel? Aren’t the The Chainsmokers those two guys that are famous for the #Selfie song and their new smash hit on […]

Zomboy Pays Tribute To His Paradiso Performance

Zomboy – Paradiso (Festival Mix) Zomboy has given all of attendees of this year’s Paradiso Festival a little treat; a track in honor of the incredible festival. At his performance […]

BnW Hits Us With A Tasty Bass Tune

Toronto’s most entertaining duo BnW released a classic bass heavy original on September 19,2014 by the name of “I Don’t Like It.” This single has heavy hitting bass and breakbeat vocals […]

Sophia’s September Trap Mixtape

This week, I bring all my fellow trap music lovers Sophia’s September Trap Mixtape; a marathon compilation of epic, bass filled trap songs that have stuck with me. As I am […]