Cavalier brings bass to “Hands Tied”

Cavalier returns, this time with KRNE, to provide his growing number of SoundCloud followers with a bass heavy beat that will fit right in on your “jams” playlist. The new song, “Hands Tied,” […]

Peter Brennan & TCUP’s Latest Remix is Glorious

It’s been a busy three weeks for New York-based Peter Brennan & TCUP. In late February they released Gazzo’s Running Home. And now we have another one! The first time I heard this was […]


Every time I see new verbiage to describe a genre, I get a little nervous. If your distinction is based upon the words you use to describe your sound, it’s […]

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Real Slow – “Way Up”

Waves of synth chords and bubbly bass characterize this feel good chill-trap tune by Aussie producer Real Slow. Shying away from the big room or festival trap vibe for a […]