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Treasure Fingers (Bro Safari Remix) : Rooftop Revival

Thursday, September 06, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

The Bro Safari Remix of Treasure Fingers Rooftop Revival is one of the best Moomba tracks that I've come across. Bro Safari is an Ausint, TX local who doesn't limit himself to a single genre of music, which is something that I definitely respect. But for the time being, he has figured out the perfect combination of sounds to create some amazing Moomba. A lot of my friends who are into Moomba and Dubstep like to use the saying, "The harder the better," but as a big trance guy, I am feeling this softer more melodic Moomba that has a groovier club feel to it. The best part about this track? It's a free download. And you can download all of the Treasure Finger remixes of Rooftop Revival for free here: Take a listen below and let us know which remix you like the best!