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Say Lou Lou - Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Daniel Taibleson


Not only is this an awesome remix, but these guy's Drew and Alex (The Chainsmokers) are so hilarious I usually let their track descriptions speak for themselves. I really don't think I could do a better job...but I think I'll try and add to it. Press play on this track, enjoy their generous free download, read what these guys have to say...and I'll add in some of my own thoughts in red. We are really running out of witty things to say (no, no you're not, but you're funny, so I'll keep reading), yes the song is free, we wouldn't dare to imagine charging $1.99 yet (The Chainsmokers...I wonder if they're actually chainsmokers?), but remember, when you are out with your extra $1.99 think (I could buy a 40oz with 1.99!), was the happiness this free download brought worth more than $1.99, maybe, maybe not (These guys are smart, more artists need to understand the value of giving away free downloads in return for brand visibility and the creation long-term brand advocates who will actually buy tickets to their shows) .... either way go LIKE our page and ENJOY your FREE DL, and go take your savings, and buy yourself something special like Daft Punk. (This is better than Daft Punk.) Note about the Song: We actually first heard the song via Monsieur Adi’s Remix and thought it was awesome but were curious to hear the original, so we checked it out and loved Say Lou Lou's original but thought there was still room for a really upbeat version with our progressive indie flare (we hate the word flare). What really appealed to us about Say Lou Lou was they have this renegade softness, its sorta punk but not, that makes no sense right, but there is sort of care-free beautiful nature to there voices and we thought we could make a summer anthem with this baby, or die trying (side note: at no point were we close to death in the making of this remix) So we got the stems, and wanted to create something that really screams 'let me in I want to fucking dance, but I also brought my own beer.' So here is how we did it: SayLouLou x TheChainsmokers -------------------------------------------------------- x Happiness = This Song (Indie+Dance)x(Pop+Summer Time) Quick note from Alex's Sister about this song: "Do you know Calvin Harris, he is so hot" (no we do not, but agree he is good looking)


FUN FACT(s): 1) Drew was supposed to originally be in Daft Punk, but wasn’t french #TeamDrew 2) Fun Fact one is a Lie 3) Now you are smiling.... #TeamAlex 4) We are the only idiots stupid enough to release a remix the week Daft Punk puts out their album 5) Fun Fact 4 is true

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