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John Tejada's Exclusive Mix For Halocyan Records + New Single "Somewhere"

Friday, June 07, 2013

John Tejada's Exclusive Mix For Halocyan Records + New Single "Somewhere


LA-Based techno legend John Tejada crafted an exclusive mix for Halocyan Records with choice cuts off the imprint which you can download for gratis HERE. Tracklisting: 1. Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship (Legowelt RMX) 2. Aki Latvamäki - It Is Not Now Either (Max Cooper Sub Dub) 3. Hackman - Grass Green 4. Paul Woolford - Pursuit 5. Raudive - Last (Al Tourettes & Appleblim RMX) 6. Sumsun - Avey Oliver 7. XXXY - Bash 8. Arkist - 23 Summers 9. ASC - Sonic Assault John Tejada brings his signature pulsing synth-layers and steely landscapes with his new single "Somewhere". It's the title track on his two-song EP released last week on German label Kompact - listen via Pitchfork HERE. You might already be familiar but Halocyan has released artists including Falty DL (who just opened for James Blake at Terminal 5 & DJ Shadow at Output) XXXY, Scuba, French Fries, Girl Unit and more. Each Halocyan release is pressed on vinyl with 1,000 limited edition copies. The Halocyan imprint will continue on their roll of releasing deliciously danceable cuts each month - get ready to move your body.

Exclusive Mix for Halocyan Records Download HERE Halocyan Records is a global dance brand and record label launched by Dimitri Fergadis, an acclaimed musician and founder of the LA-based experimental electronica label Phthalo Records. Halocyan is dedicated to representing not just the present and future of electronic music, but also its rich history. Halocyan believes that a strong sense of historical roots is an essential launching pad for bold voyages into the unknown. Halocyan pursues and collaborates with musicians who possess exceptional technical skills and also an understanding of the universal ideals of quality, detail, and perfectionism that underpin the greatest dance music. The label has released exclusive recordings and remixes by artists including Vladislav Delay as Sistol, Alva Noto, Scuba, John Tejada, FaltyDL, XXXY, French Fries, Isotonik, Chrissy Murderbot, Legowelt, Paul Woolford, Extrawelt, Max Cooper, Sumsun, Minilogue, Stabber, Randomer, Matthias Zimmerman, Girl Unit, Arkist, Komon, October, Mike Slott, ASC, Kangding Ray, and more. Upcoming releases feature the artists Raudive (aka Oliver Ho), Al Tourettes & Appleblim, Steve Moore, Dosem, Jason Potratz, NHK RMX (aka Kouhei Matsunaga), and Hackman.


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