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EDU - For The Soul

Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Daniel Taibleson


Where did this guy come from? EDU, a Lithuanian producer now residing in London has come out of what seems to be no where (at least to me) and dropped at least one massive track each month on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy or Markus Schulz GDJB for the last 5 months. But only one I'm wondering if he's one of Anjunabeats new secret discovery's that they're quietly cultivating in London or if he's really just sending in demo's to their dropbox. Either way, this guy has some serious talent and his latest tune, For The Soul, really resonated with me; as I'm sure it will with you as well.

EDU might only have 426 facebook Like's (make that 427, I just hit the button) but he must have read our article about piracy the other week because he is doing one thing right, and that's giving away this track for free. Even if it is a rip from ABGT, put this track on your phone, bump it in your car, go share it with the world. And why not, I went ahead and tossed in his other track HOLA...which goes in a totally different direction than For The Soul...Perhaps a testament to versatility? I guess time will tell.

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