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Janet Jackson "Someone to Call My Lover" (Giraffage Remix) Free DL!

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Kari Sandkuhl



In honor of Throwback Thursdays, I wanted to give you all something that I recently found and love, even if it is a few months old, and even if the original track is from the early 2000's.  Remember when Janet Jackson made her comeback circa 2001 with Someone to Call My Lover? (Maybe you don't, it was quite a long time ago....), but I remember being in middle school when this song came out, and I danced and sang to it all the time.  Still being a Janet Jackson fan, I was searching some stuff on Soundcloud, and came across a remix for this song by a guy I recently discovered, Giraffage.  Otherwise known as Charlie Yin, San Francisco based Giraffage describes his sound as "electronic r&b, dreampop, and electronic-indie".  On this particular track, Giraffage slows down Janet's vocals initially, with a gradual up beat tempo as the song continues.  As the song reaches the refrain, Giraffage adds in some clapping and drums, taking on that whole "electronic r&b" feel I mentioned earlier. It makes you just want to close your eyes and bop your head up and down to the beat, maybe with a cold one in hand.  If you're looking for a great chill-out tune for some easy summer listening, add this to your playlist.  Enjoy this track on Soundcloud here, and grab the free download while you're at it!

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