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EDX "Beachball" (Indian Summer Remix) Free Download

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Kari Sandkuhl


I was driving down the highway the other day, and this track came on Sirius XM Electric Area that really caught my attention. It was a gorgeous, sunny, Friday afternoon, and upon hearing this song, I instantly felt content.  The track "Beachball", originally an older classic by Nalin and Kane, was remixed by EDX  into the "Indian Summer Remix."  It incapsulated my feelings for that Friday afternoon perfectly--blissful and beautiful, it had me in a trance.  It's a  progressive house track with beautiful chords and soft, swirling vocals to really drift your mind from reality. EDX, or Maurizio Colella, is a well known DJ/Producer currently based in Switzerland, who has been bringing his beautiful house music to cities all over the world over the past several years.  Between his radio show "No Xcuses" on Sirius XM's Electric Area, and his past residency at world renowned club "Space" in Ibiza, EDX has truly made a name for himself in the industry.  Check him out on Soundcloud and grab his free download of "Beachball (Indian Summer Remix)" and let your mind melt away to the relaxing sounds of summer.

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